Apple HomePod Price Crash: Bag Apple’s intelligent orator for only £199


John Lewis Partners has taken £70 off a RRP of a Apple HomePod intelligent speaker, vouchsafing we bag a device for a distant some-more affordable rate.

One of a many costly intelligent speakers out there – yet not accurately startling when we cruise Apple is behind it – a HomePod has usually perceived a poignant cost dump interjection to John Lewis Partners, entrance down to usually £199 in this well-developed saving. Of course, with John Lewis you’ll also get an extended guaranty duration of dual years with your purchase.

When it comes to a pattern of a Apple HomePod, unsurprisingly it is a flattering appealing device, as intelligent speakers go. Offering a curved, soothing element body, a Apple HomePod stands during 172mm tall, yet we will find it a quite hench speaker, weighing in during 2.5kg.

You’ll pardon a weight however when we hear a kind of audio this thing is means of, with a examination stating, “the HomePod sounds extraordinary in all situations and with all genres of music. It is, hands down, a best-sounding intelligent orator of them all. Technically speaking, a HomePod is a mono speaker, yet it goes over this with a 7 tweeters jacket we in sound; it’s not stereo, yet it’s some-more involving than normal mono.”

In terms of features, a HomePod comes versed with voice assistance from Apple’s unequivocally possess Siri. The intelligent orator can also adjust a sound to fit a environment, either it’s tucked divided on a bookshelf, or on an island in an open-plan kitchen.

There are also a ton of features, yet it’s value reminding that a HomePod is usually unequivocally matched for iPhone users – so if your domicile is a churned bag of iPhone and Android, we competence wish to reconsider. However, in terms of other facilities for a iPhone-savvy, a HomePod is tranquil by a HomeKit territory with easy pattern with your phone and other Apple devices. You can also simply transition song from personification on your phone onto your HomePod as we enter your home by drumming a tip of a HomePod.

Much like Sonos speakers, a HomePod can also simply be partnered with another HomePod for buildable sound opposite your home. Of course, a HomePod works seamlessly with a likes of Apple Music, yet we can use other streaming services like Spotify, around AirPlay 2. The does meant however than distinct Sonos, we won’t be means to play opposite marks on opposite HomePods, that is probable with Apple Music.

For a ideal further to your already clever iOS ecosystem, a HomePod is many positively a approach to go, generally with this £70 rebate in price.

Apple HomePod Deal

Apple HomePod, White

The ideal further for your pre-existing iOS ecosystem, get a best sounding intelligent orator there is with a Apple HomePod, versed with voice assistance from Siri.

John Lewis Partners

Save £70

Now £199

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Now £199

Save £70

John Lewis Partners

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