Apple HomePod has stellar audio quality, though connected sourroundings needs support


The HomePod’s audio peculiarity is light years forward of any intelligent orator we can buy in India today. So, no Amazon Echo or Google Home can come tighten to a HomePod in terms of sound quality. Audio is rich, a importance on drum is not overdone, and we get a same audio peculiarity that unstable speakers in this cost operation provide, if not better. The closest choice to this would be a Bose Home Speaker 500, that has Alexa built in. However, a HomePod’s diagnosis of opposite audio frequencies, and generally a soundstage, is many some-more advanced.

The HomePod also has a underline that automatically adjusts a equalizer to a room. So, if we place it tighten to a corner, microphones inside a HomePod will commend a audio bouncing off a walls tighten to it and adjust a inner equalizer accordingly. It’s a underline some other intelligent speakers also have, yet with Apple’s reason on audio quality, it’s maybe many some-more critical here.

The HomePod can also get intensely loud. Siri will indeed advise we if we try to spin adult a volume to 100%.

That said, Apple’s large rain could be support for intelligent home devices. Of a 5 intelligent lights we had in a home, from 4 opposite companies, usually one was upheld on a HomePod. All a other intelligent devices, that includes a television, an atmosphere conditioner, H2O purifier, and dual atmosphere purifiers, were not upheld by a HomePod.

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Price: 19,900

Apple has worked on Indianizing a device, though. You can ask for news or covid-19 updates, and we will get them from Indian news sources. If there’s one thing a association has valid over a years, it’s that it can build a healthy ecosystem around a inclination improved and faster than anyone else. If Apple can sell a million HomePods worldwide, there’s a good possibility that other companies will group to yield support for it.

Another downside is that a HomePod usually supports Apple Music natively. That means we will have to use AirPlay, Apple’s possess wireless streaming tech, to play song around Spotify and other apps. It’s misleading either Apple skeleton to concede other song streaming services to tide natively by a HomePod during this point, yet it really puts users who don’t compensate for Apple Music during a disadvantage.

The HomePod’s pattern is utterly neat too. It can fit many media centres and a shade on tip has really few buttons, that means roughly each authority will be by voice. Siri reacts many improved on a HomePod than it does on a iPhone and a orator can hear voice commands even when it’s personification song utterly loudly.

In sum, it is good for those already in Apple’s ecosystem and wish a intelligent orator where audio peculiarity comes first. Smart speakers yet have a some-more organic interest in India, as connected devices, that competence put Apple during a waste during slightest for a time being.



■ Excellent audio quality

■ Modulates equalizer automatically formed on placement

■ Sleek and cultured design


■ Meant for Apple users only

■ Native song streaming support from Apple Music only

■ Needs support for some-more intelligent home products

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