Apple Glass: ‘Leak dump’ reveals endless details


YouTuber and increasingly devoted trickle businessman Jon Prosser has expelled a video charity endless sum of Apple’s AR eyeglasses project, including prices, features, recover timeframe, and some specs and pattern info.

The leaker emphasises regularly that he has seen prototypes only, and that aspects of a product might change forward of launch, that stays some time away. Nevertheless this is by distant a many extensive trickle compared to one of Apple’s many puzzling projects.

Let’s start with a basics. Who’s this man posting a video, and can we trust him?

He’s Jon Prosser, a YouTube presenter and tech researcher who usually recently got severely into a Apple leaks diversion though was flattering good famous previously for leaks about other tech companies. He unequivocally done a large time when he accurately expected April’s iPhone SE launch behind in March, and followed it adult with considerable fact about a MacBook Pro 13in. So yes, we can substantially trust him.

I trust him with my life. When does he contend Apple’s AR eyeglasses will come out?

Apple skeleton to announce a AR eyeglasses in possibly Q4 2020 or Q1 2021, that is flattering shortly – ideally during a iPhone 12 launch in Sep or October. Prosser reckons it’ll be positioned as “One some-more thing” during a finish of a keynote, in a character done famous by Steve Jobs. And Apple wants a media benefaction during a announcement, so a timing could change depending on a coronavirus conditions during a time. If that creates autumn impossible, it will be bumped to Mar 2021.

In any case, a eyeglasses won’t be accessible to a open until many later: Q4 2021-Q1 2022. It’s not transparent if there will be some arrange of beta or limited-availability programme before then, as there was for Google Glass.

Note that notwithstanding Prosser publicly conflicting with Ming-Chi Kuo, this timeline flattering many fits with Kuo’s – it usually adds a pre-release proclamation a year beforehand.

Google Glass was $1,500, so I’m guessing this will be expensive.

To be fair, a cost of Google Glass came down a small – it was £1,000 during one point. But Apple’s AR eyeglasses should still be absolutely cheaper – Prosser says $499 and any costs for a medication if we need one.

You haven’t pronounced what they’ll be called yet. Let me guess. Apple Glasses?

Close. Apple Glass.

Are they… done of glass?

Possibly for a lenses, nonetheless eyeglasses infrequently use cosmetic instead. But a frames of a antecedent that Prosser saw were really plastic. He warns that this might change to a opposite element after in growth – expected metal.

Design-wise, we should omit a some-more out-there judgment illustrations doing a rounds. In many respects these will demeanour like normal glasses, with a watchful LiDAR sensor on one side.

This goes opposite Apple’s pro-privacy position, doesn’t it? we remember a arguments about people being filmed by Google Glass.

That’s because there’s (currently) usually LiDAR, that will be used for a AR functions. Apple Glass during this indicate does not have any required cameras. That might change.

What program will Apple Glass run? iOS?

I can’t suppose that would work really well. The user interface is now called Starboard; iOS’s UI is called Springboard.

The eyeglasses will be closely connected to iOS, though: all information will be processed on a compared iPhone.

So I’ll control a eyeglasses around a iPhone too?

No, it’ll be gesticulate controls. Both on a device – swipes and taps on a frame, we assume – and in front of your face, that it will see and interpret.

What’s a battery life like?

That we don’t know. But we do know that they will assign wirelessly on a small cosmetic stand.

Can we get them as sunglasses? we demeanour cold in shades.

No we don’t. And no we can’t – apparently Apple’s displays “don’t work on coloured lenses”. Might be one for a second generation.

This is fascinating. Where can we find out all a latest information about Apple’s AR glasses?

I’d advise Macworld UK’s beam to a Apple AR glasses. Those guys know their stuff.

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