Apple Glass AR specs entrance 2021 for underneath $500 – report


Finally, we might have some news about Apple’s long-rumoured AR-based specs that, according to a new report, will be called Apple Glass.

According to a inclusive Jon Prosser, a horde of Front Page Tech, Apple skeleton to offer Apple Glass starting during $499, on tip of a cost of medication lenses.

Prosser reckons he has seen a video antecedent of a product, that will have a arrangement in any lens as good as a lidar sensor within a frames for abyss perception. Crucially, a iPhone powered specs are not expected to have a camera, that is certain to reduce some of a remoteness concerns regarding to early efforts in this sector.

The video report, posted to YouTube, also suggests a specs won’t demeanour too opposite from a span of customary medication specs, that is something a organisation North achieved utterly good with a North Focals product. We’d suppose with a small some-more Apple-esque sheen, no-one’s going to indicate during we and contend “what’s that sight on your face?”

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Prosser claims Apple had designed to exhibit a Apple Glass specs as a now-rare “one some-more thing” proclamation during a finish of a iPhone 12 launch eventuality in September, though that has given been pushed behind to 2021.


It’s not transparent either this is since of supply sequence strains, or either a product isn’t utterly prepared for primary time yet. Of course, all of this is surmise right now. Apple hasn’t done any central criticism on a Apple Glass product nonetheless – if that’s what it is to be called – and there isn’t most news about a functionality they would offer in this report.

Apple has recently upped a impasse in a zone by completing a squeeze of a practical existence sports and party provider NextVR. It’s wholly misleading what Apple intends to do with a record grown by a company.

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