Apple disputes new iOS zero-day claim

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Image: Laurenz Heymann

In a matter today, Apple pronounced it “thoroughly investigated” a new news about hackers exploiting 3 iOS vulnerabilities though “found no justification they were used opposite customers.”

Apple’s matter comes after on Wednesday, cyber-security organisation ZecOps published a news detailing 3 iOS vulnerabilities that impacted a Apple Mail client.

ZecOps pronounced it found justification of a bugs being used in a furious opposite a list of high-profile targets that enclosed a likes of:

  • Individuals from a Fortune 500 classification in North America
  • An executive from a conduit in Japan 
  • A VIP from Germany
  • MSSPs from Saudi Arabia and Israel
  • A Journalist in Europe
  • Suspected: An executive from a Swiss craving

However, in a news published today, Apple pronounced that formed on a sum common by ZecOps in a report, it could not strech a same end — that a bug was exploited in a wild. Apple’s full matter is below:

“Apple takes all reports of confidence threats seriously. We have entirely investigated a researcher’s news and, formed on a information provided, have resolved these issues do not poise an evident risk to a users. The researcher identified 3 issues in Mail, though alone they are deficient to bypass iPhone and iPad confidence protections, and we have found no justification they were used opposite customers. These intensity issues will be addressed in a program refurbish soon. We value a partnership with confidence researchers to assistance keep a users protected and will be crediting a researcher for their assistance.”

The ZecOps investigate had sparked some dissenting opinions on Twitter[1, 2, 3], where several iOS confidence researchers had questioned a end that a bugs were exploited in a genuine world.

The strange investigate was basing a arrogance of a existence of in-the-wild exploitation on pile-up logs found on a device.

These pile-up logs were interpreted as attempts to trigger a bug.

ZecOps pronounced a unsuccessful exploitation left an dull email and a pile-up record on a device. During successive or successful exploitation, ZecOps pronounced a assailant would undo a dull emails in sequence to censor a attacks from a user.


Image: ZecOps

However, confidence researchers forked out that if a assailant would undo a emails, they would many approaching have deleted a pile-up logs as well.

The counterpoint to ZecOps’ strange investigate and end appears to be that a cyber-security organisation was merely saying deformed emails triggering a soft bug, rather than antagonistic attacks opposite iOS users, and that Apple indispensable additional justification to systematise these pile-up bugs as active attacks.


Responding to a Reuters report today, ZecOps released a matter earnest to recover some-more information on a bug once a patch is accessible to a whole iOS userbase.

The bugs have been patched in iOS 13.4.5 beta, and a repair is approaching to strech a ubiquitous iOS fast channel in a entrance weeks.

The full ZecOps matter is below:

“According to ZecOps data, there were triggers in-the-wild for this disadvantage on a few organizations. We wish to appreciate Apple for operative on a patch, and we’re looking brazen to updating a inclination once it’s available. ZecOps will recover some-more information and POCs once a patch is available.”

The “existence” of a bugs was never questioned, conjunction by Apple or a confidence community, and installing a iOS 13.4.5 recover is endorsed when it comes out.

In a statement, Apple wanted to make it transparent that it values bug reports from a cyber-security community, in that a association has invested substantial resources and courtesy in new years, though pronounced a end of this sold news couldn’t be accurate from a side, during slightest for a time being and with a information it received.

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