Apple could be forced to finally dump Lightning for USB-C


Apple could be forced to switch a iPhone charging process from Lightning to USB-C if a due EU gauge comes to fruition.

The European Parliament is now deliberating a new law that would need all mobile manufacturers to adopt a stereotyped charger.

The ‘common charger’ proposal, that is geared towards both shortening rubbish and creation life some-more available for consumers, will be voted on in a future.

The EU says: “To revoke electronic rubbish and make consumers’ life easier, MEPs wish contracting measures for chargers to fit all mobile phones and other unstable devices.”

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It isn’t a initial time regulators have attempted to deliver such a directive. Efforts in 2009 and 2014, both of that were intentional initiatives definition zero has quite stuck. Apple has oral out on a matter before, behind in 2018, when it claimed such a pierce could suppress innovation.

The association argued: “Apple stands for innovation. Regulations that would expostulate consent opposite a form of connector built into all smartphones solidify creation rather than inspire it. Such proposals are bad for a sourroundings and unnecessarily disruptive for customers.”