Apple CEO Tim Cook says a association is donating 10 million masks to medical workers in a US


Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted Saturday that a association was donating “millions of masks for health professionals in a US and Europe,” to assistance fight a widespread of a novel coronavirus. Cook’s twitter appears to endorse a matter progressing in a day by Vice President Mike Pence.

“The boss and we literally listened directly from Apple that they’re donating 2 million industrial masks to this bid around a nation and operative with a administration to discharge those,” Pence pronounced during a White House press briefing. A after lecture from Pence on Mar 24th would enhance that series to 9 million donated masks, that Apple CEO Tim Cook would serve explain in a twitter to “10 million masks for a US and millions some-more for a hardest strike regions in Europe.”

According to Cook’s tweet, Apple’s operations group is regulating a supply sequence believe to source, procure, and present a masks, that helps explain how Apple was means to obtain so many masks in such a brief time.

Globally, masks are in high demand, though haven are regulating low. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos pronounced in a note to employees Saturday that “masks sojourn in brief supply globally.” The association has “placed squeeze orders for millions of face masks we wish to give to a employees and contractors who can't work from home, though really few of those orders have been filled,” Bezos wrote.

N95 respirators are disposable, close-fitting masks that can keep virus-laden droplets divided from a wearer’s mouth and nose. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention records that a masks’ efficacy is “highly contingent on correct fit and use.”

Pence pronounced Saturday that a Department of Health and Human Services “placed an sequence for hundreds of millions of N95 masks,” with a sequence concurrent by a Federal Emergency Management Agency. Where a masks were systematic from and when they would be accessible wasn’t transparent from Pence’s remarks.

The necessity of personal protecting apparatus like face masks has turn a critical problem for medical workers, with some resorting to regulating less-effective masks or even going though while treating patients, a New York Times reported. Last week, Pence called on construction companies to present their protecting masks to hospitals, and to refrain from grouping more. “Those industrial masks that they use on construction sites are ideally excusable for medical workers to be stable from a respiratory disease,” a clamp boss pronounced during a lecture on Tuesday.

But ProPublica reports there’s been difficulty over how such donations would take place, and a White House hasn’t given transparent instructions.

On Saturday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, executive of a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, told reporters in a White House lecture room that it would be “sooner than weeks” for medical professionals to accept uninformed haven of masks. “We’re going to try to make it days to a best probable approach that we can,” he said.

Some companies and people seem to have donated directly. On Twitter, executive Peyton Reed thanked Tesla CEO Elon Musk for donating supplies— “a truckload of PPEs (masks, gowns, etc.)” — to a a UCLA Health facility. We reached out to Tesla to endorse that Musk was a one who sent a concession though have not listened back.

And Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pronounced a association was donating an puncture haven of 720,000 masks. “We’re also sourcing a lot some-more to donate,” he added.

Update Mar 22nd, 2:41PM ET: Added information from Peyton Reed and Mark Zuckerberg about donated supplies.

Update Mar 25th, 3:48PM ET: Added additional information from Tim Cook about donated haven in Europe.

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