Apple Breakfast: iPhone Mail flaw, battery pathogen fraud & more


Apple generates a lot of news, and it can be tough to keep up. If your mind was on other things this week, a roundup of Apple-related headlines will move we adult to date.

Mail chauvinists

This was substantially a biggest story of a week, though no one is certain if it’s legit or not. A confidence association claimed a iPhone Mail app is exposed to hackers – and has been given 2012! But not everybody was convinced, not slightest given a association unsuccessful to yield petrify proof.

Apple, predictably, expelled a matter arguing that a issues (which have been patched in a latest iOS beta) “do not poise an evident risk to a users”.

Phishing lines

Elsewhere, a swift of phisherman dusted off an aged classic: a colleagues in Sweden were sensitive of an iPhone battery pathogen scam. iPhone batteries can’t get viruses, of course, so don’t get held out by that one.

On a some-more certain note, Apple has updated a operation of games in Apple Arcade and a shows in Apple TV+. (Of a new element we suggest Beyond Blue and a giveaway Fraggles lockdown episode, respectively.) And a Apple Music web actor is out of beta during last.

What’s in store for May?

Our crystal-ball gazers have been creation predictions about a Apple products we can design in May. That was one of a many renouned articles of a week, so you’re clearly only as extraordinary as we are.

Looking serve ahead, it emerged this week that a new 23in iMac is on a way, while Apple’s long-dead AirPower plan has risen from a tomb and separate into two. AirPower is a fascinating box investigate in how not to rise a product – Apple announced it to a universe and afterwards had to apologize when it detected that it simply wasn’t viable – though we’re still vehement to get reason of one when they finally appear.

The rumours don’t stop there. Apple has law a intelligent ring, and it looks like a iPhone SE Plus will be behind until a second half of 2021. We’re also awaiting a new set of Powerbeats Pro in a nearby future.

Virus news

Quite correctly, a world’s concentration has been on COVID-19’s impact on people, not businesses – though business are pang only a same. We schooled this week that dual of Apple’s largest subcontractors have laid off thousands of workers and slashed overtime for those who remain.

More positively, tools of a universe seem to have speckled light during a finish of a tunnel. South Korea has been one of a success stories of a truly grave period, and for this reason a Apple Store in Seoul was a initial outward China to free a doors. (You will remember a frightening impulse in Mar when they all sealed during once.)

We wish that some-more stores follow shortly – not given we are unfortunate to buy new iPhones, though given it will be a vigilance that things are improving.

Oh, and Tim Cook seemed on a Big Night In fundraiser. He seems like a good chap.

Happy birthday Apple Watch

How time flies when you’re… cooped adult inside all day. Well, maybe not, though it does seem like yesterday that Apple was announcing a initial incursion into a wearables sector. But a Apple Watch distinguished a fifth birthday yesterday.

The Apple Watch has come a prolonged approach in that time. The initial indication copped a lot of flack though a Series 2 was when it unequivocally came of age – vastly improving battery life and adding improved H2O resistance, a faster chip and GPS. Everything given afterwards has been gilding a lily, as distant as we’re concerned.

Grumpy corner

We suffer a good diatribe during Macworld. This week a writers vented their spleens about Why Apple needs to embankment Intel and (brace yourself) Why a iMac needs a redesign. That can’t be right, surely? The poetic aged iMac? Have a review and see if we agree.

We even broached a theme of either a iPhone SE is an instance of Rip-off Britain. Those transatlantic sell rates are looking flattering severe right now, it’s true, nonetheless a SE still seems like a reasonable understanding given it comes with an A13 processor. (Even if GSMArena reckons it’s been underclocked to safety battery life.)

And that’s it for a week. Stay Appley, everyone!

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