Apple and Samsung browbeat tip offered phone lists for 2019


Apple constructed a dual tip offered phone models in a universe final year, a iPhone XR and iPhone 11, according to reports by Counterpoint Research and Omdia. The iPhone 11’s second place position was quite impressive, given a phone was usually on sale for only over 3 months in 2019. However, there were vast disparities regionally, with a Samsung phone winning Europe, and an Oppo holding a tip mark in China.

The inconsistency between a tip sellers in North America and Europe is quite striking. In a former, Apple totally dominated. Each one of a tip 5 offered phones in a segment was an iPhone, trimming from a bill iPhone 8 to a reward flagship iPhone 11 Pro Max. That’s not most of a warn with Apple owning roughly 50 percent of a US marketshare. In Europe, however, Samsung’s mid-range A-series inclination took a lead. The best offered phone in Europe was a Galaxy A50, and phones from a array done adult 3 of a tip 5 bestselling handsets (Apple’s done adult a other two).

Apple’s phones dominated a tip 5 in North America, while Samsung took 3 of a tip spots in Europe.
Image: Counterpoint Research

The tip 10 worldwide was likewise filled with Samsung and Apple handsets, yet it’s engaging to see that nothing of Samsung’s flagship phones done a cut. Omdia and Counterpoint Research differ somewhat on a accurate models that were a tip sellers though. Omdia reports that Apple had 5 models in a tip ten, Samsung had four, and Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 took one. Meanwhile, Counterpoint Research says that 6 of a tip 10 phones were iPhones, 3 were mid-range handsets from Samsung, and a final handset was Oppo’s A5, that it says also took a tip mark in China.

Omdia reports that a worldwide tip 10 was filled with Apple and Samsung devices.
Source: Omdia

Counterpoint’s Research paints a bleaker picture for Huawei, that it says didn’t conduct to get a singular handset into a tip 10 worldwide. The closest was a Huawei P30, that was a fifth best-selling phone in China, behind handsets from Oppo and Vivo.

That doesn’t meant Huawei did badly overall. All a analysts determine that a Chinese manufacturer was a second best-selling smartphone manufacturer in a universe in 2019, behind Samsung and forward of Apple for a initial time, as the shipments increasing between 2018 and 2019.

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