Apple AirPods Studio headphones recover date, cost & specs rumours

  • AirPods Studio over-ear headphones sloping to launch during WWDC in June
  • Company has law “headphones including an tractable band”…
  • …as good as “Noise and Wind Cancellation” technology
  • Features approaching to embody wireless pairing/charging and Hey Siri, and ‘head and neck detection’
  • Apple over-ear headphones could use reason gestures rather than buttons
  • StudioPods will cost some-more than AirPods: £399/$399 is approaching price

Sources (and Apple’s possess obvious activity) strongly prove that we will shortly see a launch of Apple’s over-ear headphones, to join a renouned in-ear AirPods. In this essay we demeanour during clues, leaks and rumours compared to a supposed AirPods Studio or StudioPods, including their approaching price, recover date and technical details.

What will Apple’s over-ear headphones be called?

Nothing central has been announced, so we don’t know for sure, yet inclusive (and so distant accurate) Apple leaker Jon Prosser believes a name will be AirPods Studio.

The tenure ‘StudioPods’ also seems to be gaining traction in a media. It’s a tenure we used behind in Feb 2018 when we initial started stating on a rumours, and a name has gained movement with many reports now regulating it. Websites have a robe of stating on any other’s rumours, and these things can run out of control.

Apple calls a in-ear headphones AirPods, of course, that is a approach of sketch courtesy to a miss of wires. We pattern a identical underline in a over-ear models, so a prefix Air could reappear – AirCans, AirBeats or even OverAirs? But for us a association is some-more approaching to find coherence by re-using a Pod appendix that unites so many of a song products: a EarPods, AirPods, HomePod and iPod.

We like a names StudioPods, SoundPods, and AudioPods, yet a accord now seems to be that ‘AirPods Studio’ is a selected branding.

Release date: When will Apple launch a AirPods Studio?

The AirPods Studio will almost be announced in summer 2020. WWDC 2020 on 22 Jun looks like a best gamble right now.

The Apple over-ear headphones gossip initial came from a researcher Ming-Chi Kuo approach behind in Feb 2018. At a time he released a investigate note saying: “Apple to have own-brand, high-end over-ear headphones with all-new design; to be as available as AirPods with softened sound quality; shipments to start 4Q18F during earliest.”

If you’re meditative he was approach off – it’s 2020 now and zero has been announced – afterwards reason your horses for a moment. Apple’s seductiveness in building a set of over-ears was corroborated adult by Bloomberg sources in Mar 2018 and after in Jul 2018. Just since we haven’t seen them nonetheless doesn’t meant they’re not on Apple’s product roadmap.

The “people informed with a product’s development” cited in a initial Bloomberg news claimed Apple “plans to launch a headphones as early as a finish of this year [2018], yet has faced growth hurdles that competence pull behind a release”, and a second news pushed behind a recover date to 2019.

Obviously a headphones haven’t nonetheless appeared, yet that doesn’t meant they won’t. In Feb 2020 a placeholder in a Target register enclosed a anxiety to AirPods X Generation during $399. As this cost is aloft than a AirPods Pro it is expected that a placeholder refers to a Apple over-ear headphones.

That could advise that a recover is immanent, however, Jon Prosser indeed doesn’t pattern to see these over-ear headphones until WWDC – that is scheduled to take place in Jun (as on online-only event).

This timeframe was corroborated adult in late May when Digitimes, citing subcontractor sources in Vietnam, pronounced a AirPods Studio are already in prolongation and will be here in Jun or Jul 2020.


Kuo has claimed that Apple’s new over-ear headphones will cost some-more than AirPods. Note that his prophecy was finished before a launch of a AirPods Pro, so he competence have had a reduce firm of £159/$159 in mind, rather than £249/$249.

However, a Target inventory mentioned above suggests that a StudioPods could cost $399 (which regulating Apple’s maths would modify to £399).

Bloomberg also expects that a headphones will aim a aloft finish of a market, as is a box with a HomePod speaker.

The new over-ear headphones are approaching to opposition headsets from a likes of Bose as good as Apple’s possess Beats by Dre code (which Apple bought, along with Beats Radio, for $3bn in 2014).

If you’re wondering what a foe costs: a Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) wireless headphones cost £249.95. The Sennheiser Momentum 3 wireless noise-cancelling headphones cost £349. There are lots of cheaper options, though.

Design: What will a AirPods Studio demeanour like?

For a very estimate thought of what a AirPods/StudioPods could demeanour like, take a demeanour during these painting from an Apple patent:

Bear in mind, as ever, that obvious illustrations are not compulsory to demeanour most like a finished product, usually to illustrate a elements being claimed for protection. But it gives a severe thought of where Apple’s meditative is headed.

The above patent, detected by Patently Apple, relates to sound and breeze termination and was postulated to Apple in Nov 2018. More on that below.

Concept designs

We mocked adult a possess StudioPod pattern formed on a span of Beats headphones. However, there are designers out there with most softened painting and Photoshop skills than us, and has posted some good judgment illustrations:

And here’s a demeanour during that judgment in a video:

Meanwhile, someone during The Apple Post has come adult with this probable design.

Patent activity

Apple is clearly meditative about over-ear headphones. A Jan 2019 obvious called simply ‘Headphones’ describes “A span of headphones including an tractable headphone band”, that couldn’t be some-more opposite from a AirPods.

The obvious also mentions sound cancellation, during slightest briefly:

“In some embodiments, headphones can also embody a sound termination feature. The sound termination underline can be almost softened if a listener’s ears are totally lonesome by a ear cups.”

Another obvious published in Jan 2020 outlines a approach for users to control song playback though buttons. Most over-ear headphones need users to locate and press buttons on a cups, yet Apple describes a means by that users could control a song playback regulating gestures.

Apple addresses a integrate of issues compared with gesticulate control in a patent. If we can’t see a headphones since they are on your ear we need to use reason to locate a right area to touch.

That problem joined with a fact that people don’t always wear headphones in accurately a same approach – we competence have them over a tip of your head, or we competence have a rope around your neck – means it’s a plea for a headphones to appreciate a gesticulate correctly.

Apple’s resolution is a series of sensors inside a headphone crater that can code your ear and establish a course of a headphones from it. This means that when we use a gesticulate to control a song a gesticulate will be interpreted correctly.

The investigate work for this obvious was finished a few years ago – AppleInsider points out that one of a inventors listed on a obvious focus left Apple in 2017 and now works during Facebook Reality Labs.

(Separately, it’s believed a headphones will underline ‘head and neck detection’ so we can tell them to postponement song etc depending on where they are.)

Apple has also been postulated a obvious for “Noise and Wind Cancellation” as practical to over-ear headphones.

There are in fact dual sound and breeze termination patents that were published by a US Patent and Trademark Office behind in Nov 2018, yet one of them was creatively filed in 2017, according to a Patently Apple report.

Apple’s invention performs bright blending of signals from a microphone located inside a ear crater (or ear bud, or phone) that is destined towards a ear canal, with a signals from during slightest one microphone located on a outward of a ear cup’s housing to beget a churned signal.


The following facilities are likely:

  • Noise cancelling
  • Noise isolation
  • Wireless pairing functionality like a AirPods
  • Optional connected tie when higher audio peculiarity is required
  • Wireless charging
  • Gesture control (as described by a obvious above)
  • H1 chip, like a 2019 AirPods and PowerBeats Pro, to energy Hey Siri.

Beyond that, we’ve got a few clues about a instruction Apple is approaching to take. According to Kuo, for example, Apple will be operative with Primax and SZS on a project.

Taipei-based Primax is famous for creation camera modules for mobile devices, including a iPhone, yet also creates wireless orator components. And Kuo says that SZS “is approaching to use MIM [Metal Injection Molding] record advantages as precedence to turn a disdainful or categorical MIM partial supplier”.

Looking during Beats’ operation of wireless over-ear headphones could give an discernment as to what to pattern from Apple’s over-ear Pods. For example, a Beats Studio 3 Wireless underline Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling and a Apple W1 chip, while a PowerBeats Pro offers Hey Siri interjection to a inclusion of a H1 chip.

  • Responsive sound restraint pinpoints and blocks outmost sounds.
  • The Beats Studio 3 Wireless responds automatically to particular fit and song playback.
  • Soft cushions offer “advanced venting and signature ergonomic pivoting for a customised, stretchable fit”.
  • Real-time audio calibration constantly optimises sound outlay to safeguard clarity, range, tension and a reward listening experience.

Won’t StudioPods cannibalise Beats sales?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s Feb 2018 report, a new “high-end over-ear headphones” will make Apple’s “acoustic appendage lineup some-more complete”. Apple’s preference to launch some-more headphones, notwithstanding owning Beats, will build on a ‘Pod lineup, that includes EarPods, AirPods, iPods and a HomePod.

In a Mar 2018 report, Bloomberg remarkable that a further to Apple’s wearables and accessories shred – a difficulty that includes AirPods, Beats headphones, a Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPad accessories – creates clarity as during their Feb 2018 financial formula call a association suggested that they saw a swell of 70 percent in wearable product sales in 2017.

Incidentally, while a new Apple headphones could cannibalise Beats sales, Bloomberg doesn’t consider that Apple will stop producing that code of headphones. “Given a strength of a Beats headphone name, a association will approaching keep that code while building a opposite new one for a new headphones,” a site suggests.

That’s all a StudioPods rumours for now. If you’d like to know some-more about your stream shopping options, review a beam to a best wireless headphones and a roundup of a best headphone deals.

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