Apple AirPods Pro Lite: what we wish to see from a rumored loyal wireless earbuds


Rumors surrounding a new chronicle of a AirPods Pro, a supposed AirPods Pro Lite, have been encircling given mid-February, after a news from DigiTimes claimed that a new loyal wireless earbuds will launch in a initial half of 2020. 

The AirPods Pro Lite will reportedly be an entry-level chronicle of a noise-cancelling AirPods Pro, that advise a rumored wireless earbuds competence be cheaper a many costly Apple earbuds now on a market. 

Despite no central acknowledgment from Apple, and unequivocally misty sum on a earbuds, we’ve even been conference reports on how a stream coronavirus conflict will case prolongation on a AirPods Pro Lite – and afterwards after reports adverse these claims. 

Even yet we know unequivocally small about a AirPods Pro Lite – or if they even unequivocally exist – that hasn’t stopped us from forgetful adult a wishlist of all a specs and facilities we’d like to see from a new span of AirPods Pro loyal wireless earbuds.

Cheaper than a AirPods Pro

If a rumored AirPods Pro Lite unequivocally are an entry-level chronicle of a AirPods Pro, we’d pattern them to be significantly cheaper than their pricy siblings. At $249 / £249 / AU$399, a strange Pros are flattering expensive, even some-more so than a best loyal wireless earbuds we can buy in 2020, a Sony WF-1000XM3. 

We’d like to see a AirPods Pro Lite during a identical cost to a 2019 AirPods; during $159 / £159 / AU$249, they aren’t cheap, though they’re most some-more affordable. It would be even improved if Apple could launch a span of loyal wireless earbuds during a $100 / £100 / AU$150 mark, as that would unequivocally shake adult a foe with a honestly affordable span of Apple earbuds. 

(Image credit: Future)

Noise cancelation built-in

We don’t consider there would be most indicate in releasing an entry-level chronicle of AirPods Pro if they didn’t come with a best feature: active sound cancelation. 

This was a loyal ascent over a strange AirPods, and signaled a change in a loyal wireless earbuds marketplace that means we can now pattern to see facilities formerly indifferent for reward over-ear headphones in cordless models. 

The sound cancelation offering by a AirPods Pro is unequivocally good indeed, utterly for loyal wireless earbuds. We’d also pattern to see a Transparency underline continued in a AirPods Pro Lite, that allows sound to pass by a buds when we wish to fast daub into your surroundings. 

(Image credit: Future)

A streamlined design

The AirPods Pro offering a most lighter and some-more streamlined build than a 2019 AirPods, and we’d like to see a growth of that pattern in a rumored AirPods Pro Lite. As a Pros offering shorter stems than there predecessors, it would be engaging to see either Apple could take this even further, maybe removing absolved of a stems wholly in preference of a Samsung Galaxy Buds-style look. 

We don’t consider that’s unequivocally likely, deliberation how iconic a AirPods pattern has turn in new years, and a fact that a AirPods Pro come with touch-sensitive controls built into a stems. 

If Apple does keep a extending stems we’d adore a code to embody haptic feedback when we hold them – it would supplement a small bit of tactility to a user knowledge that we consider would be unequivocally beneficial. 

Could a AirPods Pro Lite come with a some-more workout-friendly pattern like a Beats Powerbeats Pro? (Image credit: Beats)

Speaking of a design, some earfins wouldn’t go astray to interest to a using crowd. While we find that a AirPods Pro are generally utterly secure during examination sessions, some additional confidence could win over doctrinaire fans of a earhook-toting Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Another approach to take some tradition from Beats (and therefore itself)? Adding some cold tone options to a AirPods Pro Lite. If they unequivocally are a cheaper chronicle of a AirPods Pro, and therefore not a flagship product, what’s a mistreat in a small experimentation? We’d adore to see loyal wireless earbuds in a same space gray and rose bullion colors we’ve seen with some iPhone and MacBook Pro models. 

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