Apple A12Z physically matching to A12X though with all 8 GPU cores enabled – news


Apple recently introduced a A12Z Bionic chipset on a 2020 iPad Pro models. The matching fixing to a A12X Bionic found on a 2018 models and a rather medium alleviation in opening done people consternation if these dual chips are mostly similar.

Turns out, they are fundamentally identical. According to a die shot by a silicone research organisation TechInsights, a A12Z and A12X have a same die structure when seen adult close, including a 8 GPU core clusters and their positioning on possibly chipsets.

The disproportion afterwards comes from how a dual chips are binned. The A12X shipped with 7 out of a 8 GPU clusters enabled while a improved binned A12Z has all 8 clusters enabled.

Usually, manufacturers invalidate cores on silicone to boost yields. Very few dies will have all cores operational though to equivocate wastage, manufacturers will afterwards use these wafers in cheaper models with fewer advertised core count.

In box of a A12X, one of a GPU clusters was expected infirm to boost a yield. However, dual years later, Apple contingency be removing most improved yields now from a TSMC 7nm routine so they are now means to get chips with all 8 cores entirely operational. Obviously, this doesn’t consequence a totally opposite product name, that is because a “new” chip is simply called A12Z and we now have one additional GPU core during your disposal.

It’s probable some of a A12X chips on 2018 iPad Pros might also have a organic 8 core though given it has been infirm in program we won’t unequivocally be means to use it. Not to discuss there’s no approach to know that one would have a organic core and that won’t.


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