Anna Kendrick’s ‘Love Life’ Is a 2020 Version of ‘Sex and a City’


“It would be exactly, like roughly verbatim, a review I’ve had with someone,” she says. “They’d be like, ’No, we never talked about that.’ It’s extraordinary how concept some of these practice are.”

A stage from Love Life on HBO Max

Jin Ha plays Augie, one of Darby’s initial romances in a series.


One storyline that did make it in: Kendrick, who is also an executive writer on a series, says she pushed to embody a “d-bag” character. “I felt like, in my experience, women don’t make it out of their 20s though dating one man who’s a small scary,” she says. “The grade to that he’s frightful varies for everybody, and we didn’t wish spin it into an after-school special, though we do consider that’s something value exploring.” I’ll refrain from spoiling how that manifests for Darby but…yeah, Kendrick is spot-on.

And Kendrick wasn’t a usually one on set whose dating practice done it onto screen. “Every time we make a criticism about a line that creates me laugh, someone is like, ‘Oh, that’s since that accurate thing happened to me,’” she says. Using a Paperless Post invitation to figure out where an ex will be on Saturday night, for example. “It’s so specific though so real.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be a good rom-com array though a best crony with her possess disorderly adore story to tell. Zoë Chao is a explanation as Sara, gripping a impression from descending into a dumb BFF trope by giving her required depth. If Darby is a Carrie with Charlotte tendencies, Sara is a Samantha all a way.

A stage from Love Life on HBO Max

Zoë Chao and Anna Kendrick in Love Life


“She’s unequivocally humorous and extemporaneous and wild,” says Chao. “But also mortal and vexed and unhappy and confused. We get to try all of those chapters.” One of a many distressing episodes of a deteriorate is clinging to Sara and Darby’s relationship—boyfriends come and go, though saying dual friends consternation if they’ve outgrown any other cuts deep. “I unequivocally like Sara since we know her a lot by her adore of Darby,” Chao adds. “This loyalty is unequivocally real, and it’s good to see a womanlike loyalty where oftentimes they’re holding caring of any other in a unequivocally nurturing way.”

That’s eventually what a uncover is going for, Kendrick says—that realness, a feeling of recognition. “That’s a best thing, isn’t it?” she says. “Whether it’s a nonfiction book or a film or anything, it’s approval that you’ve had an knowledge and somebody else is articulate about it. It only creates we feel reduction alone.”

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