Android 11 takes another large step towards attack your smartphone


Google is ramping adult a preparations for Android 11 with a recover of a third (and what’s expected to be a final) developer preview for a stirring vital handling complement update.

Android 11 DP3, that is designed particularly for developers to assistance prep their apps, focuses mostly on bug fixes. But it’s an critical step as Google prepares to launch a initial open beta versions to arrive in a weeks to come.

The association has already betrothed us a initial open beta versions in May, that owners of mixed Android inclination should be means to exam by a summer, forward of a recover on Pixel inclination during a third-quarter of a year.

So what are we saying from a consumer viewpoint within a Android 11 DP3 release? 9to5Google reports a new screenshot UI, that places a thumbnail during a bottom of a arrangement a la iOS has left live in DP3. That enables users to correlate with a screenshot (by pity or editing) though delving into a Photos app.

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The site also points out a ‘Recents’ multitasking cards are now larger, while also charity a event to screenshot and share from those windows. Gesture attraction can now be exclusively practiced for a left and right edges.

The other new facilities are really most developer focused, though Google is adding wireless debugging here. That means folks won’t have to offshoot adult to a mechanism around USB in sequence to solve these issues. Google is also adding collection to urge confidence for developers, interjection to a custom called GWP-ASan, as good as providing developers with created reasons because users have exited their apps. Large APK transfers are now roughly 10x faster, though nothing of that is really applicable for consumers.

We’re awaiting a Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL to be a initial phones to arrive with Android 11 out of a box, though a launch for previous-generation handsets should come before that. We’ll have most some-more news about new facilities subsequent month when Google spills a beans.

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