An Outfit Idea for Every Type of Jeans You Own


Denim is one of those habit categories that has so many character subcategories it can roughly be deliberate a apart wardrobe. A long, neat light character provides a accurate conflicting feeling of a loose, relaxed low-rise jean, while a spare fit goes in a whole other direction. Since denim trends lessen and upsurge constantly, by now you’ve substantially amassed utterly a few opposite denim styles in your closet that all yield a certain demeanour and offer a sold purpose for your outfit combinations. 

Since prime is one of denim’s categorical seasons to shine, we suspicion it competence be useful to turn adult some outfit ideas for any subcategory of your denim collection, given what pairs good with spare jeans might not have a utterly a same outcome with wide-leg styles. This approach you’ll have a (hopefully new!) thought for each conformation in your wardrobe—from a blazer-and-low-rise jeans combo that exudes cold to a chicest spare jeans outfit I’ve ever seen. Below are 16 cold open jean outfits for each character we own. 

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