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all a women in drake’s life

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As @johncostanz0 accurately remarkable on Twitter: Drake is Rupi Kaur for men. He is Ed Sheeran in rapper form. He’s a man with a drawstring Sports Direct bag that says “alright beautiful?” to everybody in leggings. He’s a Instagram supporter who’ll slip into your DMs a impulse we dump a bikini pic on stories. Drake usually loves women.

He sings about them all a time; The lady with beige strappy heels celebration turmeric shots, a tyro operative late as a waitress to make her rent, a grandma he doesn’t call enough. Drake aspires to be womankind’s common boyfriend. I’m astounded he hasn’t moodily crooned over Mambo No. 5. “A small bit of Monica in my life, a small bit of Erica by my side / A small bit of Rita is all we need, a small bit of Tina is what we see.” But maybe that will come. Until then, here’s an (admittedly abbreviated) list of some of a women in Drake’s world.

Drake’s mum
Drake is a mummy’s boy. we suppose his silent Sandra runs him burble baths and tells his girlfriends how he likes his tea. As Drake sings on God’s Plan, no one will ever be good adequate for him: “She said, ‘Do we adore me?’ we tell her, ‘Only partly’ / we usually adore my bed and my momma, I’m sorry”. Props to Sandi, she’s a singular silent who nurtured Drake to be an emotionally mature crack producing mega-machine. Twinkling piano paper Look What You’ve Done sees Drake singing about all a crap they finished it through, from painkillers on a kitchen opposite to sour arguments: “And we tell me I’m usually like my father / My one button, we pull it”, before branch comfortable and fuzzy: “You adore me and we adore you”.

The dual cocktail enlightenment heavyweights allegedly initial bending adult in 2009 during Lucky Strike bowling alley in New York. Drake rapped in Fireworks: “I can tell it wasn’t love, we usually suspicion you’d fuck with me / Who coulda likely Lucky Strike would have we stranded with me / Damn, we kept my wits about me, luckily / What happened between us that night / It always seems to difficulty me.” Then a span got huffy in a What’s My Name and Take Care song videos.

Rihanna is to Drake a classic “one that got away”. In an talk with The New York Times, Drake certified feeling used by Rihanna. “I was a pawn. You know what she was doing to me? She was doing accurately what I’ve finished to so many women via my life, that is uncover them peculiarity time, afterwards disappear. we was like, ‘Wow, this feels terrible.’”

Drake took a purgation too distant when presenting her with an MTV award: “She’s someone I’ve been in adore with given we was 22 years old, she’s one of my best friends in a world. All my adult life, I’ve looked adult to her even yet she’s younger than me.” Rihanna was not into it. Wincing when Drake’s name was brought adult in a Vogue interview. Drake contingency have been wounded. His favourite thing to do is to ceaselessly cocktail adult in his exes lives like a weed. we suppose his paradise is him sat in a sauce robe as a harem of his aged girlfriends approximate him. Rihanna resisted Drake’s template for womanlike relations and for that we suppose she will always be on his mind.

Baby mama
Drake’s child is with ex-porn star Sophie Brussaux. As he raps on Mar 14, a lane from his new album, “She not my partner like Billie Jean, though a child is mine”. On That’s How You Feel he goes in on her for vocalization to Pusha T: “Line ringin’, sayin’ that we told him things / Things that we could’ve kept inside / Sidetrackin’ me when we was good to you”. :(

Good lady left bad
Drake loves good girls. During his concerts, he’s always serenading bashful teenagers from a assembly boy-band style. Then there’s a song video for Practice, in that some different lady in pyjamas dances alone in her room like a MSN webcam chat. He takes these women, and showers them with gifts and intemperate dinners. we don’t suppose Drake’s ever separate a check in his life. If we got your Santander label out he would do some ninja move, drifting towards a label reader like something out of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. But girls don’t stay good for long, they all, as Drake sings on Hotline Bling, start “wearing reduction and goin’ out more”, subsequently immoderate a lot of “Glasses of champagne out on a dance floor”. Poor Drake, he usually wanted a lady to cuddle in front of Cash in a Attic.

Girl who should wear reduction foundation
When Drake sings “Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on / That’s when you’re a prettiest” on Best we Ever Had you usually know he’s that man who’s always revelation women: “you demeanour so most improved though makeup”. While they think, ‘eh though this Fenty Beauty shimmering mouth luminiser in Snkeskn is looking glow doe?’

Girl who spends too most time on her phone
On new lane Emotionless he signs “I know a lady whose one thought was to revisit Rome / Then she finally got to Rome and all she did was post cinema for people during home / ‘Cause all that mattered was impressin’ everybody she’s known”. Could be anyone we know tbqh.

Nice hometown lady he leaves behind when success hits
Drake’s ex-girlfriend Zineb Samir (or ‘Nebby) is a lady who was there before all a blacked out windows and VIP sections. He told Toronto’s FLOW 93.5 that “she represented all about a city that we loved”. This thought of women as suggestive of geographical locations is another common thesis in Drake. Whether it’s Houston girls glugging Dom Perignon, strippers from Atlanta crunching heels over money smothered floors, or lippy British babes on new lane Peak: “England breeds correct girls / Where are all your good manners? / Reply with pleasantries / Honestly we can’t mount ya”.

Girl that he wants to get with though she usually keeps slipping away
Drake’s ex Erika Lee is a moist answer appurtenance summary in Marvin’s Room, seeking “are we dipsomaniac right now?” while Drake wallows in his loneliness during a nightclub. Feeling empty, he usually wants to see someone who knows a Aubrey underneath a famous veneer. A lady who’ll move him a decaf tea and ask after his Nan’s daffodil plant. This didn’t utterly work out; when Drake didn’t compensate her co-writing credits, Erika sued him.

The stripper he wants to save and spin into a princess
Drake’s been rapping about strippers his whole career. On 2009’s Houstatlantavegas he sings: “Ass low, donkey low, we always ask you/ You go get fucked adult and we usually uncover adult during your rescue/ Carry we inside get we some H2O and strip you.” The whole “rescue” thing is softly repulsive, though props to Drake for removing a bedside water. It isn’t fun waking adult with hangover mouth, all so dusty adult we have to flay your lips off one another. That’s a genuine lady right there.

Then on Legend Drake fulfils his dream of domesticating a stripper: “Got a girl, she from a South / Used to work, used to dance in Texas, now she purify a house”. Hmmmm.

Mortifyingly, in 2017 Drake consecrated a “retirement ceremony” for his favourite dancers Mercer, Miracle Watts, and Maliah Michel. The latter lady was not amused during a awaiting of Drake attempting to finish her career, tweeting:

Serena Williams
After examination a series of her matches, Drake began dating Serena Williams, mentioning her on Worst Behaviour: “I’m with my whole set / Tennis matches during a crib / we swear we could kick Serena when she playin’ with her left.” Fortunately Drake didn’t try to get her to retire as well. But new lane Nothings into Somethings has been interpreted as a explanation on her rendezvous to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. “Least, do we get an invitation or something?”. But who would entice an ex to their wedding, Drake? Imagine bumping into someone your mother used to snog while usurpation a mini-quiche off a waistcoat-clad waiter. It’s usually not ideal.

Successful lady removing $$$$$
“Workin’ hard, girl, all paid for / First, final phone bill, automobile note, cable,” Drake sings on Nice for What, “Work during 8am, finish ’round 5 / And doin’ overtime for a final month”. The video is likewise thoughtful with a camera slanted adult during Drake’s shade queens in a series of widespread poses: Jourdan Dunn snarling down from a tip of a black horse, Letitia Wright gazing over a brisk cityscape like she bought it in cash. It’s fundamentally Destiny’s Child’s Independent Woman though from a bloke’s perspective. This a Drake we live for, praising women like a comprehensive qweeens that we are.