Alienware launches ‘world’s many absolute gaming laptop’


Dell has strictly suggested a Alienware Area-51m R2, a inheritor to a ‘world’s many comprehensive gaming laptop’. 

The prior Area-51m grabbed headlines for being one of a really initial laptops to underline desktop-equivalent specs, while also featuring a modular pattern so users could ascent a likes of a CPU and GPU. 

The new R2 iteration continues to offer these mind-boggling features, while also upgrading a components to embody a likes of a 10th Generation Intel Core S-series processors (usually indifferent for desktops) that can see a magnitude transcend 5GHz. 

Configurations will also see Nvidia’s RTX Super graphics cards and a choice of a 4K screen, that was noticeably absent with a predecessor. 

For all a sum on a Alienware Area-51m R2, keep reading on. And if we wish to check out a review, keep an eye on Trusted Reviews in a entrance weeks.

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Alienware Area-51m R2 recover date – When will it launch?

The Alienware Area-51m R2 is set to launch in a UK on a 23 June. 

Alienware Area-51m R2 cost – How many will it cost?

UK pricing is nonetheless to be reliable for a Alienware Area-51m R2, yet we can pattern it to be really expensive. 

The strange Area-51m gaming laptop had a starting cost of £2599, so we can pattern a identical figure with a latest model. However, collect high-end components for your pattern and a cost could potentially climb adult towards a £4000 mark. 

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Alienware Area-51m

Alienware Area-51m R2 specs – How comprehensive will it be?

The Alienware Area-51m R2 looks like a beast of a gaming laptop, with specs to confuse even a many comprehensive rivals. 

The 10th Generation Intel Core S-series processors are customarily usually found in desktop computers, so observant one here is impossibly impressive. 

Alienware is charity a towering smorgasboard of specs here, including Nvidia’s RTX Super graphics cards, and AMD’s Radeon RX 5700M. There’s even a choice of Nvidia’s GTX 1660 Ti, nonetheless we’re not certain there’s many indicate putting such a low-powered GPU in such a bumbling system.

The RAM and SSD also have oodles of opposite options, climbing all a approach adult to 32GB and 4TB respectively. If this laptop is anything like a predecessor, it will also be upgradeable, so we can switch in new components during a after date if we fancy. 

One of a best improvements from a prior iteration is a introduction of a 4K screen, that could assistance to get a many out of a high-end RTX 2080 Super configuration. However, a 4K indication is limited to a 60Hz modernise rate. If we opt for a Full HD shade instead, we can holder a modernise rate adult to a strong 300Hz, so you’re going to have to make a choice between visible peculiarity and performance. 

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Alienware Area-51m R2

Alienware Area-51m R2 pattern – How does it look?

The biggest regard we have with a Alienware Area-51m R2 is a distance and weight. Hitting a beam during a whopping 4.1kg, this appurtenance is even some-more unwieldy than a predecessor. 

This is really a desktop deputy rather than a ‘portable’ laptop, so we should cruise either you’re improved off shopping a still gaming PC instead. That said, a Alienware is a inestimable choice for those who visit LAN parties.

The Alienware Area-51m seems to have a same pattern and framework as a predecessor. Here’s what we pronounced about a strange Alienware Area-51m in a review:

“The Alienware Area 51m laptop looks positively beautiful – generally compared to similar-sized devices. The steel framework looks classy, while both a Lunar Light and a Dark Side of a Moon colour options minister to a sci-fi styling Alienware is evidently aiming for.”

Those colour options make a quip too, that demeanour gorgeously sharp – even if they are only impracticable ways of observant white and black. 

The special salsa underline for this Alienware laptop yet is a ability to open adult a bottom of a laptop and ascent a components yourself. We were means to fit a new processor into a strange laptop, and while it was a fiddly process, it worked an comprehensive charm. 

The Alienware Area-51m R2 facilities a outrageous array of ports, including USB-A, Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, microSD label reader and a Killer Ethernet pier for connected network connectivity. 

Keep an eye on Trusted Reviews in a entrance weeks if we wish to see a examination and final outcome for this unusual gaming laptop.

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