AirPods Pro 2: What to design from Apple’s subsequent tip finish wireless earbuds


The AirPods Pro 2 are a legendary follow adult to Apple’s first-generation ANC-packing loyal wireless earbuds.

If you’re not a tech-head this substantially doesn’t meant much, though this creates them a pivotal recover in many tech fans’ 2020 calendars.

This is given a first-gen Apple AirPods Pro are one of, if not, a best famous loyal wireless earbuds on a market, and for a good reason.

Though they’re flattering darned expensive, they offer a resources of good features, including ANC (active sound cancellation), rock-solid connectivity and decent audio peculiarity – so it’s no warn tech fans opposite a creation are penetrating to hear some-more about what Apple has designed with a next-generation Apple AirPods Pro 2.

But a outrageous hype around a AirPods Pro 2 is a double-edged sword. Tech fan’s frenzy to learn some-more about a AirPods Pro 2 has led to a inundate of opposing “leaks” about a earbuds.

These have enclosed all from rumblings Apple’s indeed formulation to recover a possess set of over-ears, to uninformed reports a AirPod Pro 2 will have wellness and health tracking features. We’d take a latter with a sold pellet of salt. The pierce would make clarity given Apple’s concentration on wellness services with a other wearables, though a Digitimes source has an during best uneven lane record with a leaks.

Here to make certain we stay on tip of all a semi-credible AirPods Pro 2 news, we’ve combined this guide, that sum all a latest leaks and rumours about a second era earbuds including their foresee price, recover date and features.

If you’re after something a small cheaper, we should also check out a Apple AirPods 3 guide. It sum all a stream information and rumours on a legendary follow adult to Apple’s cheaper AirPods 2 true-wireless earbuds.

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How many will a AirPods Pro 2 cost?

The AirPods Pro are a many costly span of AirPods and we can gamble that a Pro 2 will catch a identical cost.

Considering how good a AirPods Pro seem to be selling, there’s no genuine need to revoke a price. If it is loyal that there’s an AirPods Pro Lite, that’ll expected occupy a cheaper cost point. £249 sounds like a right on a income for a subsequent AirPods Pro.

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When will a AirPods Pro 2 be released?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an researcher formed in Taiwan, a next-gen AirPods Pro will go into prolongation in a latter half of 2021, with a recover date someday in 2022.

There have been rumbles of an AirPods Pro Lite, that is suspicion to be a cheaper chronicle of a Pro earbuds. Kuo scoffed during this and a suspicion of a new AirPods indication nearing in 2020, desiring they would some-more expected be a new Beats headphones.

Speculation has continued to arise that Apple is set to recover a span of AirPods earlier rather than later. Professional Apple botherer Jon Prosser has been heading a assign in this respect.