AirPods 3: All a info we need on Apple’s subsequent loyal wireless earbuds


The legendary next-generation Apple Airpods 3 are already one of 2020’s prohibited tech items, and for a good reason.

They’re a hotly rumoured follow adult to Apple’s stream AirPods 2019 true-wireless earbuds. This means they’ll lay behind a some-more reward AirPods Pro 2, that are also rumoured to be in a works, and be a cheapest choice for iPhone owners on a marketplace for Apple-branded wireless earbuds when they eventually launch.

The AirPods 3 now haven’t been arguable by Apple, though if a inundate of rumours is anything to go by, afterwards they will be a large release. There’s no removing around a fact that a Apple AirPods 2019 were a small disappointing. Despite being ideally good earbuds, they offering medium improvements on a prior era and tweaked, rather than re-imagined a simple AirPods design. This is because a AirPods Pro stole all a spotlight final year.

According to attention rumblings a AirPods 3 are going to be a most bigger refurbish that will supplement some-more new facilities than we can shake a hang during to a buds. These embody simple things like softened battery life and ANC (active sound cancellation) to totally new innovations, like health tracking service.

Though we’re holding a latter with a splash of salt given a rumour’s Digitimes source, if even a fragment of a leaks are loyal afterwards a AirPods 3 could be one of this years best new loyal wireless earbuds.

However, as always we’d advise holding any, and all rumours about a AirPods with a splash of salt, as not each attention insider and serial-leaker can be trusted.

Here to make certain we don’t get held out we’ve combined this beam page. In it, you’ll find a consummate relapse of all a semi-credible leaks we’ve seen about a AirPods 3 including their price, recover date and legendary underline set.

If you’re extraordinary about Apple’s hotly rumoured some-more reward AirPods Pro 2, we’ve also got we covered. Jump on over to a AirPods 2 favourite page for a relapse of what we know about Apple’s legendary next-generation flagship wireless earbuds.

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When will a AirPods 3 be released?

A twitter from YouTube John Prosser indicated they were due to be shown during a (now cancelled) Mar event. He still claims that a AirPods 3 are approaching imminently.

The really arguable Ming-Chi Kuo has poured cold H2O on this notion. His news pronounced that an AirPods 3 would go into prolongation in a initial half of 2021.