‘Aggressive’ Apple stalker who shares his lust pics with Tim Cook gets strike with confining order


A proxy confining sequence on seductiveness of Apple has been filed opposite Rakesh “Rocky” Sharma, a 41 year-old male from San Francisco. Santa Clara County Superior Court in California dynamic that Sharma poses a intensity hazard to a house and a employees – namely CEO Tim Cook, who Sharma has obsessively voiced his regretful seductiveness in.

Sharma common intimately pithy cinema directly with Cook on Twitter, and began creation potential threats opposite him and Apple employees when he couldn’t get in touch. He afterwards attempted to get into Cook’s home and Apple Park, a company’s domicile in Cupertino, on mixed occasions. The papers supposing to a justice in support of a confining sequence ask also discuss that Sharma has threatened a use of firearms.

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While a tech association and a tip executive have nonetheless to comment, unclosed justice papers exhibit that Apple’s confidence staff cruise Sharma an “aggressive” stalker. His “erratic, melancholy and weird behavior” toward Apple employees now stretches scarcely 5 months.

The sequence was released on Feb 13. Sharma and lawyers for Apple will have their subsequent conference on Mar 3, when a confining sequence ends, to establish if it needs to be extended further.

Dave Gershgorn of OneZero common sum of a claims in a justice documents, publicized only over a week after a decider upheld Apple in their claims. All digitized information on a filings, and other lawsuit involving a tech hulk in a court’s jurisdiction, became accessible online pursuant to a justice order, environment a new precedent.

Apple Global Security Specialist William Burns testified that Sharma called a association left dual voicemails on Sep 25 and Oct 2, 2019 that were “disturbing.” He also told a justice about how they have documented during slightest dual attempts given Dec 2019 in that Sharma has attempted to enter Cook’s private residence. On during slightest one occasion, a purported stalker presumably try to broach flowers and champagne to a out tech executive.

“Shortly thereafter, Mr. Sharma continued to tab a Apple executive on his Twitter account, that enclosed sexualized and inapt photos of Mr. Sharma with anxiety to a Apple executive,” his documented testimony reads.

Sharma claimed in some of his documented communication with Apple staff that employees laughed during him following his hospitalization for a passionate assault, and he done transparent that he knows a plcae where other Apple executives reside. In one of his calls to Apple’s technical support line in attempts to strech Cook, he allegedly pronounced “I don’t use ammunition though we know people who do.”

Lawyers for a association afterwards sent Sharma a stop and terminate letter, though that evidently did not deter him. In emails with employees of a association in San Francisco, he alleges that a minute is a company’s bid to strengthen his passionate abuser. Cult of Mac reports that in his testimony, Burns indicated that a chairman in doubt “was never an Apple employee.”

Sharma also presumably claimed that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), a Speaker of a House of Representatives, is his profession in a matter.

While a sequence is in effect, Sharma can't have any firearms. He also can't be in vicinity of 200 feet or reduction to Burns, Cook, or any members of a executive team. The sequence also extends to Cook’s Palo Alto chateau and a company’s Apple Park, Apple Campus in Cupertino, or any other corporate locations in California.

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