A "Compulsive Overbuyer" Just Sold 9 Bags of Clothes—Here’s What She Kept


For some people, a elementary open cleaning event would sufficient when it comes to organizing their residence and removing absolved of aged stuff. But for Elle UK fashion author and selected seller Daisy Murray, a most some-more comprehensive closet inform was in sequence for her London apartment. On Instagram, she posted about her preference to simplify her wardrobe. “Years of compulsive overbuying and a weird need to keep everything—‘I wish to give it to my daughter!’ 17-year-old me screamed while clutching an American Apparel follower tube—left me with about 9 Ikea bags value of garments to sell, and sell we did,” Murray said. 

Intrigued by her joining to closet purging, we reached out to Murray to get some-more discernment into her preference and learn about a equipment she deemed estimable of keeping. “With so most of a universe in slow-mo, my invert eradicated, amicable life decimated, and gangling time abundant, we felt this was a ideal time for my final pull to grasp robe clarity,” Murray told Who What Wear. “I began this ‘journey’ (cheesy, though true) 3 years ago when my relatives privileged out my wardrobe. They refused to act as a storage trickery any longer (rude), and we was confronted with a genuine scale of my selling habit.”

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