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A 5G Apple iPhone will be an critical eventuality for a market: Verizon CEO

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The marketplace is anxiously watchful for your initial 5G iPhone, Apple (AAPL). Hop to it.

“Many of a phones we are rising this year will be 5G enabled. But of course, Apple is an critical smartphone businessman in a universe and if they come out with 5G phones — we don’t know when —that will also be an critical eventuality for a market,” Verizon Communications (VZ) Chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg pronounced on Yahoo Finance’s First Trade Tuesday. “We’ll see, that’s some-more for them to consider about right now.”

Investors anticipating for a 5G iPhone to hint a tech giant’s low handset sales might have a prolonged wait.

While Apple’s latest obvious fortitude with 5G chipmaker Qualcomm paves a approach for a 5G iPhone, a prolonged growth times approaching means a adorned new high-speed device won’t be in a offing until mid by 2020. That’s during a earliest, according to many experts.

As Apple duked it out with Qualcomm for over a year on a obvious issue, other smartphone vendors worked on new 5G phones. That has a likes of Apple rivals Samsung, Huawei and LG in primary position to recover 5G smartphones this year.

And for Verizon, that’s acquire news.

Verizon is pound in a center of a large 5G network rollout. It switched on 5G capabilities in Chicago and Minneapolis in early April, forward of a projections. In total, about 30 cities will get 5G-enabled services from Verizon in 2019.

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The new 5G services are approaching to offer quicker download times for information inspired consumers. For Verizon, 5G will give it a height to assign some-more per patron for a upgraded service.

Vestberg pronounced it might be adult to dual years before a advantages of 5G definitely impact’s Verizon’s financials.

Indeed that timeline could be sped adult a bit if Apple picks adult a pace.

An Apple orator didn’t immediately lapse a ask for comment.

Verizon Communications is a primogenitor association of Yahoo Finance.

Brian Sozzi is an editor-at-large during Yahoo Finance. Follow him on Twitter @BrianSozzi

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