9 reasons because we shouldn’t buy a new iPhone


Apple announced 3 new iPhones during a Sep ‘Gather Round’ eventuality (the iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR) as good as a newly designed Apple Watch array 4.

I can see a lot of we already reaching for your credit cards. Well don’t. Here are my grumpy-old-man reasons why:

1. These are a many costly iPhones ever launched

Apple’s lineup of 3 new phones is a many costly it’s ever announced. Even a ‘entry-level’ iPhone XR is an eye-watering awaiting during $/£749. That’s an awful lot of income for a phone that is a baby of a range. The iPhone XS Max weighs in during a strong $/£1449 for a top-spec model.

2. You’ll skip a Home button

The iPhone’s Home symbol competence feel anachronistic, though there are millions of iPhone fans who still adore a morality and function. Sure, we get some-more shade though it, though you’re also losing one of a reasons a iPhone became such a success in a initial place.

3. Touch ID is improved than Face ID

The detriment of a Home symbol also means there’s no Touch ID – a slickest fingerprint sensor around. Apple could have combined a fingerprint sensor to a behind of a iPhone, as Samsung has on a Note 9, though instead we’re left with facial recognition. It’s slower, doesn’t work in landscape orientation, and you’ll need to use your PIN if you’re wearing polarised sunglasses.

4. The new iPhones demeanour like any other phone

If you’re going to spend a ton of income on a phone afterwards we should get a decent box on it. Put a box on a new iPhones and it’s tough to recognize it as a reward Apple product during all. It’s only a large chunk of screen, like many other phones these days.

5. They should have a headphone jack

Apple started one of a many irritating trends in smartphone story when it private a headphone jack from a iPhone 7. Worse still is that carrying a 3.5mm jack doesn’t supplement a lot of cost, doesn’t impact pattern significantly (see Samsung S9), and it means we can indeed listen to song even if your wireless headphones are out of charge.


6. You substantially don’t need a new iPhone

Expensive flagship smartphones are profusion for a immeasurable majority. There are phones accessible during a fragment of a cost that demeanour good, perform good and have splendid and pointy screens. The one reason we competence wish to spend some-more on a flagship phone is a camera. But instead of a new iPhone, since not opt for a handset such as a glorious Moto G6 for £200 and spend a rest on a correct full-frame DSLR – or a good compress or even a GoPro?

Better still hang on to that aged iPhone 6 or 7 for another year because…

7. iOS 12 will make your aged iPhone quick again

One of a best facilities of iOS 12 is that it will make comparison iPhones run some-more smoothly, giving them a new franchise of life. That means any iPhone from a 5S onwards should container a slicker knowledge really soon. That’s great, though what about battery life? Smartphone batteries mellow over time, though we can get a new battery in any iPhone from a iPhone 6 onwards for only £25/$29. For some-more information, click here.

8. The new iPhones aren’t that special

The new iPhones are too most like final year’s iPhone X. This isn’t a revolution, it’s Apple cementing a new design. With foldable screens, 5G, in-screen fingerprint sensors and some-more on a horizon, you’d be improved off watchful until subsequent year before upgrading from an comparison iPhone.

9. There are some-more innovative phones around a corner

There are phones already on a marketplace that are arguably some-more innovative than a new iPhones – a Vivo Nex S and Oppo Find X are only dual examples. These aren’t a finished essay utterly yet, though a OnePlus 6T is tighten to being announced and it sounds some-more sparkling than a new iPhones. Rumours advise it will container a little teardrop nick as good as an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Now watch me omit all I’ve only pronounced and flare out for an iPhone XS Max since glossy new thing and 0 self-restraint… To be fair, that new camera and A12 Bionic processor demeanour flattering damn awesome.

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