7 posiciones sexuales supersilenciosas que debes probar si tienes compañeros de piso


Look, if you’re partnered adult or only have “a friend” entrance over during 2 a.m., your roommate totally knows what’s up. And even if they’re cold adequate to put on headphones and blast Netflix as distant divided from we as possible, we still wish to during slightest TRY to gangling them a singular awkwardness of conference a muffled blubber or spank.

(And before we ask, no, we shouldn’t hide something in since your roommate’s asleep. They are NEVER asleep!)

Undercover Mission(ary)


If a springs in your mattress won’t STFU, try a suuuuper slow, voluptuous missionary. But switch it adult with we on tip so we can hurl your hips and grub instead of a common thrustfest. It’s a quietest we can be, and you’re in control and we can angle yourself accurately as we please.

The Silent Scream


Arrange yourselves in a spooning position with your partner behind we dire a very still fondle conflicting we (the clit-pulsing kinds designed to impersonate a feel of verbal are shhhhhhh, and they feel amazing.) All a fun but a revealing buzzing.

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The Floor Dog


If we have a squeaky bed situation, put a sham underneath your knees and get down on a building for a “muzzled” doggie. And if you’re ~loud~, get subsequent to a bed, column a sham between your mouth and a mattress and blubber away. Play some bass-heavy song and we can be EVEN LOUDER.

The Fast and Furious


If roomie stairs out for an vague errand, you’ve gotta get it done, fast. Bend over a bed, with one knee adult on a mattress. Your partner stands behind you, one leg on a floor, conflicting feet propped on a mattress. They can squeeze ahold of your hips for obligatory thrusting partial or do a reach-around.

The Bathroom Break


If your roommate only keeps being…there, shun to a bathroom. Sit adult on a penetrate and have your partner enter standing. Press your palm between your bodies so we can massage yourself as they thrust. Run a bath during, so we can be a small loud, afterwards bound in for a discerning cleanup after.

The F*ck and Cover


Pop in a movie, lay on a couch, and cover yourselves with a large sweeping for growth mutual masturbation. Remain entirely clothed—this is a pursuit for elastic examination clothes. If someone walks in, no one has to die of embarrassment, only close it down and try to act innocent. (This also works v good with remote control toys.)

The Headboard Banger


If your headboard bangs conflicting a wall, and we can’t only pierce a bed divided from a wall, use a low-motion pierce that will lessen a sex sounds. Your disapprove sits during a corner of a bed, we kneel over them, confronting divided and delicately lay behind onto their dick/strap-on. Put a palm on their thigh for change and hang your feet behind around their butt. Grind and shake really solemnly for limit quietness/extra sexiness and don’t forget to take caring of yourself with possibly palm or toy.

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