6 Flavored Lube Options Because Why Not Have Tastier Oral Sex and Foreplay?


Hello, friends. Welcome to today’s category about enhancing your sex life. First thing to know: Lube is your vagina’s best friend. Second thing to know: Flavored lube is your mouth’s best friend. Allow me (and some accessible experts) to explain:

For one, we might find that opposite tastes raise your arousal, pleasure, and participation during sex play. “Just as we can be incited on my a smell and ambience of foods, we’re also influenced by a smell and ambience of a partner,” says Astroglide’s proprietor sexologist Jess O’Reilly, PhD. And flavored lubricant, that O’Reilly explains is fundamentally only plain aged lube with combined flavorings to raise a verbal experience, could assistance with that.

“Unflavored lube is ideally adequate—especially if someone is supportive to flavors and prefers a some-more healthy ambience of their partner,” says approved sex therapist and sexologist Jenni Skyler, PhD.

But for those who aren’t as fervent to go au naturel, regulating flavored lube can make things a lil bit some-more enjoyable, she says. You don’t only have to use it for verbal sex, though. O’Reilly recommends regulating it by drizzling it on your partner’s chest and beating it off, or putting a few drops on your lips before kissing your approach all over their body. Yum.

But as with all pleasure products, keep in mind there are intensity risks involved. Any honeyed mixture in your immature immature apple lube could dissapoint your vag or vulva. “Putting sugarine and other chemicals in a genitals, generally inside a vagina, can concede a pH change and means issues like leavening infections,” warns Skyler.

“Some people knowledge attraction to certain ingredients, though this relates regardless of either or not a lube is flavored,” O’Reilly adds. (Do a skin exam before regulating any passionate product, though generally flavored lube. Place some on your wrist or forearm, wait 10 minutes, and see if we have any arrange of reaction. If we don’t, you’re good to use).

Another risk? Be aware about that form of lube you’re regulating and either or not it’s concordant with a condom material. (Basically don’t go regulating oil-based flavored lubes with latex-condoms unless we wish to destroy it). Now, prepared to ambience a rainbow during your subsequent hookup? Try one of these 6 flavored lube products for all a fun.

1. Astroglide Strawberry Lube

“Astroglide’s Sensual Strawberry is water-based, that enhances a comfort and palliate of insinuate activity while also permitting for easy purify up,” says O’Reilly. Plus, water-based lube = concordant with condoms. Win-win.

Buy Here Astroglide Strawberry Lube, $13, lovehoney.com

2. Adam Eve Cotton Candy Flavored Lube

Adam Eve’s flavored lubes come in a garland of flavors (cherry, string candy, strawberry, or watermelon), so collect your fave or try ‘em all. They’re also sugar-free so we don’t have to worry about that benevolence aggravating your many supportive parts.

Buy Here Adam Eve Cotton Candy Lube, $13, adameve.com

3. Sliquid Swirl Green Apple Lube

sliquid flavored lube

Sliquid’s flavored lube is water-based and glycerin, paraben, and gluten-free—only honeyed with aspartame. Not a fan of immature apples? They also sell blue raspberry, tangerine peach, strawberry pomegranate, and a garland of other tasty flavors.

Buy Here Sliquid Green Apple Lube, $9, babeland.com

4. ID Frutopia Natural Mango Passion Lube

If we like mangos, or only wish to feel like you’re celebration a pleasant splash on a beach, this is a ideal flavored liniment for you. It’s water-based and tastes only like mango with a assistance of healthy flavoring—plus, it’s not too gummy or too sweet.

Buy Here ID Frutopia Mango Lube, $10, lovehoney.com

5. Wicked Aqua Flavored Lube

Wicked won a 2018 AVN endowment for best lube manufacturer, so clearly, these lubes gotta’ be good. Their water-based flavored lubes come in apple, caramel, or mocha, all of that we can use with toys and condoms. It’s even PETA-certified too.

Buy Here Wicked Flavored Lube, $15, adameve.com

6. Intimate Earth Natural Flavor Glide Lube

This dainty product is vegan-friendly and done adult of approved organic ingredients. Try it in banana cream pie, pickled caramel, or furious cherry. (Ugh, now I’m hungry).

Buy Here Intimate Earth Flavored Lube, $15, adameve.com

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