5 At-Home Outfits Carrie Bradshaw Would Definitely Wear


Years ago when we changed to New York to pursue a pursuit as a conform editor, we mostly suspicion about Carrie Bradshaw and her trail from journal columnist to conform writer. we watched Sex and a City as many for a story line and a career end as we did for a outfits, mostly reinterpreting them myself, either it meant tracking down a selected Dior Saddle Bag or a span of strappy Manolos into my wardrobe.

While rewatching SATC during home during this time of amicable distancing, my viewpoint has shifted a bit. we now find myself identifying with Carrie as a author operative from a laptop in her vital room, and it occurred to me how many good at-home outfits she wears via a series. She has a operation of extraordinary friendly outfits crafted from closet basis like button-down shirts and leggings (which will serve enthuse how I’m wearing leggings during home) but also looks that feel a bit some-more dressed-up. Scroll on to see some of Carrie Bradshaw’s many iconic at-home looks that she would still wear today.

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