4 Years Later, and I’m Still Loyal to These 7 Bikini Brands


You could contend we am spooky with swimsuits. we grew adult in Orange County, where a standard summer day consisted of removing up, throwing on a swimsuit and an oversize T-shirt, and streamer to a beach all day. When you’re during a turn of deliberation swimwear a partial of your daily summer uniform, your attribute with bikinis and a like starts to change. Swimsuits are no longer for frills and show—they were a outrageous partial of my life, that means when it comes to meaningful a thing or dual about the best bikini brands, I’m some-more than qualified. 

Beyond my beachy upbringing, we am unprotected to a lot of swimwear brands by my pursuit as a conform editor, and while a 7 bikini brands highlighted next are positively not the be-all and end-all, they are a ones that we have been constant to over a last four years (at least). So if you’ve been struggling with where to start your perfect-bikini hunt or only aren’t certain that brands are value a money, hopefully, my extensive beam next will assistance we navigate a ghastly swimsuit waters. 

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