3 Very Specific Colors Trending during H&M, Madewell, and Mango


When several of the most renouned online retailers all seem to determine on a handful of summer trends, it’s a good indication that you’ll shortly be saying them everywhere. Such is a box with a contingent of color trends during HM, Madewell, and Mango. While sifting by a retailers for other stories, we beheld certain hues kept popping adult over and over. 

These retailers are going all-in on 3 really specific shades, not only ubiquitous tone families. For starters, while we saw a lot of pastels for spring, summer has turned into the deteriorate of cobalt. Dresses, tank tops, blouses, pants—you name it and one of these brands carries it in cobalt blue. Scroll down to emporium a 3 colors trending during HM, Madewell, and Mango right now, as good as stellar outfit ideas for any shade. 

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