3 Beloved Latina Beauty Icons Who Aren’t Selena or Frida


It’s Latinx Heritage Month (technically Hispanic Heritage Month, though IMO, we’re due for a rebrand), and while Selena Quintanilla and Frida Kahlo are dual of a biggest names that come to mind when articulate about a beautiful, iconic Latina women who have helped propel a enlightenment into a mainstream, there are so many some-more out there who also done extensive strides. 

I tip my shawl to all a overwhelming Latinas now branch heads in a Hollywood conform and beauty landscapes (looking during you, queen J.Lo), though we consider it’s time we get a small chronological and chuck it behind to a classical beauties who walked so the following generations could run. A little cultura, if we will. Perhaps I’m a bit some-more tuned in as a Latina myself, though we resolutely trust these groundbreaking women should be on everyone’s radar. They’re loyal legends.

Here, 3 iconic Latina beauties who deeply enthuse folks around a globe, and a signature looks that solidified them as beauty icons.

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