10 Women Who Inspired Andy Warhol


While a tenure “muse” competence have mislaid a tiny of a flicker in a years between Andy Warhol’s many inclusive duration as an artist and eerily permanent tie on New York’s glorious circuit, a American pop-art master certain knew how to collect ‘em. Far from being dull cyphers, a expel of women he surrounded himself with (professionally, socially, aesthetically) were a enthralling brew of types; investiture heiresses and transgressive stars of a subterraneous humanities scene, rich energy players in media and conform and poverty-stricken cold girls, to contend zero of a tiny army of pristine, roughly Hitchcockian beauties he brought together with some-more fascinating faces that challenged his era’s thought of what beauty could be.

As a universe rushes to New York to revisit a new blockbuster retrospective of his work during a Whitney, it seems wise to spend a impulse reflecting on a women of Warhol, and a sorcery they sprinkled opposite Manhattan in a ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

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