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Michelle Bachelet, a former President of Chile who now serves as a United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights, gave an talk final Nov to a publisher Fernando del Rincón, of CNN en Español, to plead a predicament in Venezuela. He began by seeking about dual letters she had recently received—one from family members of dozens of domestic prisoners, a other from a relatives of immature protesters who had been killed by confidence forces—requesting that she privately revisit Venezuela to news on a human-rights violations committed by a supervision of President Nicolás Maduro. Bachelet told him that these were not a usually letters she had perceived creation that request. “Today, we also got an central invitation to revisit Venezuela,” she said, from Maduro’s government. Rincón, who was visibly surprised, asked if, in usurpation Maduro’s invitation, she could be seen as collaborating with a government, and remarkable that “accepting this invitation is usurpation a invitation of a chairman indicted of violating tellurian rights.” Bachelet replied that she wanted to lay down with each side. “Listen, I’ve had many years of experience,” she added. “I’ve been Secretary and President of my country, I’ve worked with many governments and people from polite society, and we consider it would be wrong to contend that, given we am invited by one or a other, we would be non-objective.”

U.N. Human Rights Commissioners are, of course, approaching to be objective, but, in this instance, a emanate was a ethereal one for Bachelet. In Chile, worried politicians have criticized her for not holding a stronger position during her initial tenure (from 2006 to 2010) opposite President Hugo Chávez, who led Venezuela for fourteen years, until his death, in 2013, when he was succeeded by Maduro, his Vice-President. Chávez and Bachelet both rose to energy as partial of a “pink tide” of socialist-leaning Presidents that swept into bureau opposite Latin America. He spoke rarely of her (“Michelle is a good friend; we know how dauntless she is. She’s an unusual woman”), and she of him. (She told CNN that he had “always been a good friend, and a good colleague.”) In 2006, she reportedly deliberate ancillary Venezuela’s bid for a chair on a U.N.’s Security Council; her unfamiliar apportion and other politicians protested and, in a end, Chile abstained in a vote.

Bachelet was not totally blind to Chávez’s undemocratic practices or a domestic predicament that they were formulating in Venezuela. She once rebuked him, when he pronounced that Chile’s Senate was ruled by “fascists,” after legislators had denounced attacks on a press. During her second tenure as President, she attempted to intercede between a Venezuelan antithesis and a Maduro government. But a invitation from Caracas suggested that she was still seen as a probable ally. That probability finished this month.

After interviewing scarcely 6 hundred people, including Maduro, members of his cabinet, member from a antithesis and from a Catholic Church, businessmen, academics, students, kinship leaders, human-rights organizations, and some dual hundred “victims,” her bureau published a report, a request of only nineteen pages. Juan Guaidó, a U.S.-backed personality of a opposition, tweeted, “The work of many Venezuelans disapproval persecution, woe and tellurian rights violations for many years has finally paid off.” The supervision expelled a extensive response, in that it pronounced that a news is “partisan” and full of errors, and faulted a elect for conducting many of a interviews with Venezuelans who had left a country. But it also expelled twenty-two domestic prisoners only before a request became public. “We acquire these releases and inspire a authorities to recover others detained,” Bachelet said.

Most of a headlines focussed on a report’s allegations of woe and extrajudicial executions. Bachelet’s group followed a hundred and thirty-five cases of people who were arbitrarily detained. Most of them suffered “one or some-more forms of torture,” including electric shocks, suffocation with cosmetic bags, waterboarding, beatings, passionate violence, and bearing to impassioned temperatures. The supervision concurred seventy-two cases of woe in a past 3 years. The group also interviewed a family members of twenty immature group whom a confidence army allegedly killed between Jun of 2018 and Apr of this year. According to a families, masked group dressed in black arrived in pickup trucks though permit plates, entered their homes, and shot a victims in a chest. The group afterwards planted weapons or drugs in a homes, so that it could after be argued that a victims had “resisted authority” before they were shot. In 2018, a Maduro supervision purebred some-more than 5 thousand deaths underneath that category. In a initial 5 months of this year, there have been some-more than fifteen hundred. “Many of these killings might consecrate extrajudicial executions,” a news says. The supervision concurred meaningful about dual hundred and ninety-two cases identical to those described in a report, from 2017 to 2019, and pronounced that it had already attempted 5 group who were obliged for several killings in 2018.

The woe allegations were quite timely, because, dual weeks before a news came out, a Navy captain named Rafael Acosta Arévalo, who had worked with a opposition, was arrested and after died in supervision custody. A debate examination suggested that he had sixteen damaged ribs; hours before his death, he had seemed in a troops court, in a wheelchair, and seemed hardly means to speak. Bachelet pronounced that she was “shocked” when she schooled of Arévalo’s death—which was reliable 4 days before a news was released—and asked for an eccentric review to move those obliged to justice. (The supervision pronounced that it had already charged dual group operative for military-intelligence services in tie with Acosta’s death.)

At times, Bachelet seemed not only strictly though privately invested in a report. “I, myself, had practice per human-rights violations in my country, during a dictatorship,” she told Rincón in a CNN interview. In Sep of 1973, only before Bachelet incited twenty-two, General Augusto Pinochet overthrew a supervision of President Salvador Allende. A few months later, her father, an Air Force ubiquitous who had worked in Allende’s administration, was detained; he was tortured, and died of a heart conflict in custody. She became an activist, and, in 1975, she, too, was arrested, beaten, and psychologically tortured. (Her mom was also detained.) Upon her release, after that year, Bachelet went into exile, initial in Australia and afterwards in East Germany. “I was so angry, we had so many pain,” she once told an interviewer. “How could this be function in a country?”

A few years later, she returned to Chile, and became a pediatrician and a public-health advocate. After her initial tenure as President, she became a executive executive of a newly determined United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and a Empowerment of Women. All that credentials is also reflected in a report. In a territory on a inadequacies of health care, it points out a miss of entrance to contraceptives in several cities, and adds that, “due to limiting legislation on abortion, some women and girls contingency review to vulnerable abortions,” that has contributed to a twenty-per-cent arise in cases of what it terms “preventable maternal mortality.” In a nation where a domestic contention is still mostly dominated by men, and reproductive rights are distant from a priority, even a pointed recommendation of improved entrance to protected termination is one of a report’s many astonishing and vicious contributions.

Women’s concerns are also highlighted in a initial territory of a report, on mercantile rights, that describes a food shortages in supermarkets. It finds that a “lack of entrance to food has a quite inauspicious impact on women,” who spend an normal of 10 hours a day queuing for food; in some cases, they are “compelled to sell sex for food.” The news serve remarkable that seventy-two per cent of inner village councils are dominated by women, many of whom have protested a miss of simple services in new years, and many of whom have perceived threats from a collectivos—groups that work like paramilitary forces—for their activism. (The government’s response, on these points, remarkable that a news wanting a fact that Venezuelan officials had shown Bachelet dual “food-retail establishments” that stocked copiousness of food.)

The news also focusses on labor rights and issues of class. People were arbitrarily detained, though many of those were “trade-union leaders,” her group wrote, “protesting for decent salaries and operative conditions.” Others were health professionals who were dismissed for vocalization out on a heath-care crisis, and university professors who were “threatened with non-payment of salaries.” In describing a twenty extrajudicial killings by confidence forces, a news stresses that these were conducted in “poor neighbourhoods.”

The many angry response to a news came from Diosdado Cabello, a vice- boss of Maduro’s celebration and a boss of a National Constituent Assembly. “Ms. Bachelet accuses Venezuelan women of prostituting themselves,” he said, in a debate during a celebration meeting, adding that a news was shabby by a interests of a United States. He tweeted, “Ms. Bachelet is following a orders imposed by her majestic bosses.” Maduro, for his part, positive Venezuelans that Elliott Abrams—the U.S. special attach� for Venezuela—had pressured Bachelet “and she gave into a pressure.” With a report, Bachelet valid that she would work exclusively of Maduro; now she is indicted of being an American puppet.

The report, however, is also vicious of mercantile sanctions that a United States has imposed on Venezuela given 2017, observant they are exacerbating a crisis, quite in courtesy to services in a health sector. In a press discussion in Geneva, Bachelet mentioned assembly dual mothers in Caracas whose children indispensable organ transplants, that were routinely sponsored by a state oil association P.D.V.S.A. But P.D.V.S.A. is underneath sanction, so a payments to general health organizations were blocked, she said, and “the kids were not means to have surgery.”

In a minute to Bachelet, Maduro purebred another complaint. “You met with a family members of victims who were vigourously targeted by a opposition,” he wrote, “and your news did not embody even a teenager anxiety of that meeting.” In Geneva, Bachelet certified that a repudiation was an error. She had met a mom of a male who was burnt alive during a criticism by a opposition, and a mom of a policeman whose throat was cut by demonstrators. “We’ll put a small something in a report, per that,” she said. But she simplified that safeguarding tellurian rights is essentially a requirement of a state. “Violence is unacceptable, it doesn’t matter where it comes from,” she said. “But states have always some-more responsibility.”

There is another clarification, along a same lines, in a report. Toward a end, it says that “for over a decade, Venezuela has adopted and implemented a array of laws, policies and practices, that have limited a approved space, enervated open institutions, and influenced a autonomy of a judiciary.” The measures were taken “with a announced aim of preserving open sequence and inhabitant confidence opposite purported inner and outmost threats,” though they only “increased a militarization of State institutions.” Maduro came to energy reduction than a decade ago, so in that matter Bachelet’s news is referring to Hugo Chávez, though fixing him. But it is a taciturn confirmation that her aged crony was also obliged for a predicament that has befallen Venezuela.

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Boris Johnson is scheming to take over as primary apportion and start convention his new cabinet, after being named a new Conservative Party personality progressing today.

The former London mayor will do his long-held aspiration of staying in 10 Downing Street tomorrow, after violence antithesis care claimant Jeremy Hunt.

Mr Johnson pronounced it was an “extraordinary honour and privilege” to be inaugurated Tory personality and affianced to “energise a country” following a announcement.

New Conservative Party personality and incoming primary apportion Boris Johnson

‘D.U.D.E: Deliver, Unite, Defeat, Energise!’

“The debate is over and a work begins,” he added.

He also paid reverence to effusive primary apportion Theresa May, thanking her for her “extraordinary use to this celebration and this country”.

And Mr Johnson described his care competition Mr Hunt as a “font of glorious ideas”.

The incoming primary apportion has already allocated one of a many pivotal roles, elevating long-serving whip Mark Spencer to a chairman in assign of Tory fortify in his administration.

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‘There’s a Britain Trump’

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage told Sky News he does not consider Boris Johnson will be means to broach Brexit by 31st Oct unless he calls a ubiquitous election.

‘I wish Boris Johnson well’ – Farage

Mrs May affianced her support to her successor, posting on Twitter: “We now need to work together to broach a Brexit that works for a whole UK and to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of government.

“You will have my full support from a behind benches.”

Mr Hunt paid reverence to Mr Johnson’s “optimism, appetite and unconditional certainty in a smashing country”, while Donald Trump became a initial unfamiliar personality to honour a incoming primary minister.

Incoming PM Johnson vows to 'energise a country'

Incoming PM Johnson vows to ‘energise a country’

The new Conservative Party personality pays reverence to his degraded antithesis Jeremy Hunt as an “absolutely challenging campaigner”

Boris Johnson's power could finish adult as a pub ask question

Boris Johnson’s power could finish adult as a pub ask question

His supporters contend he has a mandate, though Sky’s Lewis Goodall believes Boris Johnson could have a brief stay in Downing Street

The US boss tweeted: “Congratulations to Boris Johnson on apropos a new Prime Minister of a United Kingdom. He will be great!”

He combined after during a debate that “they call him Britain Trump” and that Brexit Party personality Nigel Farage is “going to work good with Boris”.

Mr Trump’s daughter and White House adviser, Ivanka, primarily congratulated Mr Johnson on apropos a subsequent primary apportion of “United Kingston”, before editing her mistake on Twitter.

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Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn claimed Mr Johnson had nonetheless to win a support of a nation during large.

He tweeted: “Boris Johnson has won a support of fewer than 100,000 unrepresentative Conservative Party members by earnest taxation cuts for a richest, presenting himself as a bankers’ friend, and pulling for a deleterious No Deal Brexit.

“But he hasn’t won a support of a country.”

Mr Corbyn refused to explain when he designed to launch a bid to disintegrate Mr Johnson by job a no certainty opinion in parliament, usually vowing to do it “when suitable to do so”.

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn pronounced he will list a no-confidence suit

Labour personality Jeremy Corbyn pronounced his celebration will list a no-confidence motion

Brexit Party personality Nigel Farage told Sky News “I usually don’t see how” Mr Johnson could broach Brexit on 31 Oct though an early choosing since “hes’ streamer a celebration that’s bitterly divided”.

He combined there had been no “formal” talks with Team Johnson though when pushed on if there had been spontaneous conversations, said: “No – a fact people strike into any other in a same grill is not a same as discussions.”

In a Tory care ballot, Mr Johnson won a sum of 92,153 votes (66%) and Mr Hunt won 46,656 votes (34%).

The outcome follows a some-more than a month-long debate in that both possibilities trafficked to all regions of a UK in their bid to win a support of a Tories’ grassroots in a array of hustings events.

Mr Johnson vowed to take a UK out of a EU on 31 Oct “do or die”, while Mr Hunt claimed his credentials as an “entrepreneur” done him a best claimant to negotiate Brexit.

The creation of Boris Johnson

The creation of Boris Johnson

The new primary minister’s life in pictures

In a progressing stages of a contest, during a array of votes among Tory MPs to make down a prolonged list of possibilities to a final two, Mr Johnson eventually cumulative a subsidy of some-more than half of his Conservative colleagues in parliament.

He won a support of 160 Tory MPs, with Mr Hunt corroborated by 77 Tory MPs.

But, notwithstanding his infancy support among both Conservative members and MPs, Mr Johnson is doubtful to face a peaceful initial few weeks in Number 10.

A ambience of a battles that will come in his aim of ordering a Tories was delivered on Monday by Sir Alan Duncan, who quit as a unfamiliar bureau minister.

Boris Johnson outward his bureau in London

Mr Johnson has vowed to take a UK out of a EU on 31 Oct ‘do or die’

Sir Alan quiescent from supervision in sequence to launch an – eventually catastrophic – try to force Mr Johnson to face a opinion of certainty in his care even before apropos primary minister.

Mr Johnson’s refusal to order out a no-deal Brexit will also expected move him headaches, with a supervision he takes over carrying a operative infancy of usually two.

It means usually a tiny organisation of Tory rebels would be indispensable derail Mr Johnson’s Brexit plan in a House of Commons – partly explaining because a incoming primary apportion has not discharged a probability he could postpone council to pull by a no-deal Brexit.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is set to lead a array of stream cupboard ministers out of supervision before to Mr Johnson’s entrance into Number 10, due to their antithesis to withdrawal a EU though a withdrawal deal.

Boris Johnsons winners debate in full

Boris Johnson’s winner’s debate in full

Mr Johnson is reported, by The Times, to have hold tip meetings with Mr Hammond, Justice Secretary David Gauke and International Development Secretary Rory Stewart amid concerns they infer to be a “nightmare” on a behind benches after withdrawal supervision this week.

After holding her final cupboard today, Mrs May will tomorrow make her final Commons coming as conduct of a government.

She will take Prime Minister’s Questions for a final time on Wednesday before afterwards streamer to Buckingham Palace to rigourously renounce to a Queen and suggest her successor.

Mr Johnson will afterwards make his possess outing to Buckingham Palace to be invited to form a new government, before expected creation a matter in Downing Street before stepping into Number 10.

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L’ex sindaco di Londra ed ex ministro degli Esteri è stato scelto dalla maggioranza degli iscritti al partito conservatore e si insedierà al numero 10 di Downing Street domani, 24 luglio

Boris Johnson (foto: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg around Getty Images)

L’ex sindaco di Londra ed ex ministro degli Esteri ce l’ha fatta. Boris Johnson è da oggi il nuovo primo ministro del Regno Unito. La sua vittoria è stata annunciata da Dame Cheryl Gillan, membro del 1922 Committee, il gruppo parlamentare del partito conservatore alla Camera dei Comuni, nel corso di una conferenza del Partito conservatore al QEII Centre, il centro congressi Regina Elisabetta II a Londra, intorno alle 12.05 ora locale, quando in Italia erano le 13.05.

Johnson, che prima di diventare un politico lavorava come giornalista e ha rischiato di essere condannato per condotta scorretta per aver diffuso fake news durante la campagna per il referendum sulla Brexit, è stato scelto dalla maggioranza degli iscritti al partito conservatore, riuscendo a imporsi sul contendente Jeremy Hunt, attuale ministro degli Esteri, criminal 92153 voti. Hunt ne aveva presi almost la metà: 46.656.

La corsa alla care del partito conservatore epoch iniziata il 24 maggio scorso criminal l’annuncio delle dimissioni di Theresa May. Inizialmente, si erano candidati dieci Tory: il ministro dell’Ambiente Michael Gove, il segretario di stato per la Sanità Matt Hancock, il parlamentare Mark Harper, il ministro degli Esteri Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, l’ex ministro degli Esteri Boris Johnson, la personality della Camera dei Comuni Andrea Leadsom, la parlamentare Esther McVey, l’ex segretario per la Brexit Dominic Raab e il segretario per lo Sviluppo internazionale Rory Stewart. Solo Johnson ed Hunt erano riusciti a passare oltre la prima fase, quella in cui i parlamentari hanno espresso le loro preferenze, eliminando di volta in volta quelli che avevano ottenuto meno voti.

Le sfide di Boris

Il mandato di Johnson, così come quello di Theresa May, sarà caratterizzato soprattutto dalle scelte che farà in tema di Brexit. L’ex ministro degli Esteri è sempre stato uno dei più ferventi sostenitori dell’uscita del Regno Unito dall’Unione europea e ha ripetuto più volte che per lui l’obiettivo principale è uscire, non importa come. Per questo motivo, non è disposto a scartare a priori l’ipotesi di un no deal, ovvero di una Brexit senza accordo o disordinata, come alcuni preferiscono chiamarla facendo esplicito riferimento a ciò che comporterebbe.

Prima ancora che della Brexit, Johnson dovrà però occuparsi delle resistenze interne al suo partito. Il sottosegretario agli Esteri Alan Duncan e il ministro per i Tirocini e le competenze Anne Milton si sono dimessi dal loro ruolo per protestare contro la sua ascesa e lo stesso hanno promesso di transport Rory Stewart, il ministro delle Finanze Philip Hammond e il segretario per la Giustizia David Gauke. Tutti e tre si oppongono a una Brexit senza accordo e sono convinti che Johnson non sia la persona giusta per ricoprire l’incarico di primo ministro.

Altri Tory hanno anche minacciato di sfiduciare il governo nel caso in cui Johnson tenti di realizzare una Brexit senza accordo o continui ad utilizzare i toni aggressivi e divisivi che hanno caratterizzato la sua carriera politica almeno finora.

Un consiglio su come evitare questo unfolding è arrivato dalle colonne del Telegraph. “Varrà la pena mantenere i contatti criminal questi colleghi e tutti gli altri che sono delusi poiché sarebbe brutto per un governo Tory cadere a causa dell’opposizione interna matriarch sarebbe ancora peggiore se ciò accadesse a causa di un malinteso”, ha scritto l’ex personality del partito conservatore William Hague nella sua rubrica. Il riferimento è al fatto che Boris Johnson ha detto più volte di voler migliorare l’accordo ma, secondo molti suoi colleghi, considera solo l’opzione no deal.

Hague ha anche consigliato a Johnson di prepararsi a nuove elezioni. “Il sottilissimo margine della maggioranza dei conservatori e del Dup nella Camera dei Comuni e l’opposizione alla Brexit di buona parte del partito laburista, significa che – a meno che tu non abbia molti laburisti dalla tua parte – sei a poche settimane di distanza da una scelta fatidica: diventare il secondo primo ministro prigioniero di un parlamento bloccato o transport in modo di aver un nuovo parlamento… Dal giorno uno, sarebbe importante che avessi un piano chiaro per le elezioni generali nella tua testa”.

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L’ex-Premier ministre chinois Li Peng est mort à 90 ans, a annoncé mardi un média de l’Etat. 

L’ex-Premier ministre chinois Li Peng, connu flow sa responsabilité de premier devise dans la répression des manifestations de la place Tiananmen de Pékin en 1989, est mort à l’âge de 90 ans, a annoncé mardi un média d’Etat. “Il est décédé le (lundi) 22 juillet 2019 à 23H15 (15H15 GMT), des suites d’une maladie dont le traitement s’est révélé inefficace”, a écrit l’agence de presse Chine nouvelle, qui a salué “un membre exceptionnel du Parti communiste chinois”. Li Peng, Premier ministre de 1988 à 1998, était connu dans le monde entier flow avoir été l’un des principaux artisans de la sanglante répression des manifestations de la place Tiananmen.

Dans la nuit du 3 au 4 juin 1989, des soldats mettaient fin à sept semaines de défilés et de grèves de la faim d’étudiants et d’ouvriers demandant la fin de la crime et davantage de démocratie. Li Peng s’est maintenu à son poste match près d’une décennie après ces événements, qui auraient fait entre 400 et and de mille morts et lui ont valu d’être détesté standard une grande partie des Chinois. Son rôle dans le rétablissement de l’ordre à l’époque a cependant été salué mardi standard le régime. “Au cours des troubles politiques du printemps et de l’été 1989 (…), le camarade Li Peng (…) a pris des mesures décisives flow capsule le désordre et apaiser les troubles contre-révolutionnaires”, a commenté Chine nouvelle.

A lire :Il y a trente ans, Tian’anmen

“Il a stabilisé la conditions intérieure et joué un rôle critical dans cette lutte majeure flow l’avenir du parti et du pays”, a souligné l’agence, reprenant l’argumentaire du PCC selon lequel l’ordre amicable était alors indispensable flow poursuivre le développement économique.

Li Peng lui-même avait souvent défendu sa décision de faire évacuer les manifestants standard la force. “Sans ces mesures, la Chine aurait été confrontée à une conditions encore pire qu’en ex-URSS ou en Europe de l’Est”, avait-il déclaré en 1994 match une visite en Autriche, à une époque où l’isolement de la Chine à la apartment des événements de 1989 commençait à s’estomper.

Toute facsimile interdite

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Le président américain Donald Trump a félicité mardi matin le nouveau Premier ministre Boris Johnson.

Le président américain Donald Trump a félicité mardi matin Boris Johnson, surveillance juste désigné standard les militants du Parti conservateur britannique flow succéder à la Première ministre Theresa May.

“Félicitations à Boris Johnson flow être devenu le nouveau Premier ministre du Royaume-Uni. Il sera formidable”, a tweeté le milliardaire, qui estimait encore la semaine dernière que l’ancien maire de Londres ferait un “excellent travail” au 10 Downing Street.

Lire aussi :Boris Johnson, nouveau Premier ministre britannique

L’ex-ministre des Affaires étrangères et champion des pro-Brexit, qui était opposé à l’actuel cook de la diplomatie britannique Jeremy Hunt, a remporté 66% des voix des quelque 159.000 membres du parti qui se sont exprimés.

Lire aussi : Boris Johnson dans le texte

“La Première ministre précédente a fait du très mauvais boulot sur le Brexit”

Il devient donc cook des Tories et devrait prendre officiellement ses fonctions mercredi après-midi après une visite à la reine Elizabeth II. “J’aime bien Boris Johnson, je lui ai parlé hier, je pense qu’il fera un glorious travail”, avait indiqué M. Trump vendredi depuis le Bureau ovale. “J’ai toujours aimé Boris. C’est quelqu’un d’original mais on dit que moi aussi je suis quelqu’un d’original, on s’entend bien”.

“Je pense que la Première ministre précédente a fait du très mauvais boulot sur le Brexit”, avait-il ajouté. “C’est un désastre et il n’y aucune raison que ce soit le cas”, avait-il poursuivi. “Je pense que Boris va régler le dossier”.

Toute facsimile interdite

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C’est le jour J flow l’ex-maire de Londres Boris Johnson, attendu vainqueur mardi de la march à Downing Street, avec à la clé le défi de taille de sortir de l’impasse du Brexit, auquel s’ajoute désormais la nécessité de résoudre la crise avec l’Iran.

Le opinion des 160.000 membres du Parti conservateur s’est achevé lundi après-midi et le résultat sera proclamé dans la matinée standard les instances du parti. L’ex-ministre des Affaires étrangères Boris Johnson, 55 ans, est donné largement gagnant face à Jeremy Hunt, 52 ans, l’actuel cook de la diplomatie britannique. Mercredi, après une dernière nuit à Downing Street, Theresa May répondra à une ultime event de questions au Parlement avant de se rendre à Buckingham Palace où elle remettra officiellement sa démission à la reine Elizabeth II en début d’après-midi.Son successeur devrait prendre la release quelques heures and tard après avoir été lui aussi reçu standard la monarque, qui lui confiera la responsabilité de former le gouvernement.Premier défi obligatory qui attend le prochain cook du gouvernement: gérer l’escalade des tensions avec Téhéran, au and haut après l’arraisonnement standard l’Iran du pétrolier battant pavillon britannique dans le détroit d’Ormuz.

Londres a riposté en annonçant lundi la mise en place prochaine d’une goal de insurance avec les Européens dans le Golfe mais Londres “ne cherche pas la confrontation”, a souligné Jeremy Hunt.Autre dossier qui s’annonce colossal: mettre en oeuvre la duty du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne, and de trois ans après le référendum du 23 juin 2016 qui a vu les Britanniques voter à 52% flow le Brexit.Une goal sur laquelle Theresa May s’est cassée les dents, échouant à trois reprises à faire accepter aux députés l’accord de duty qu’elle avait conclu en novembre avec Bruxelles, ce qui l’a poussée à la démission.

“Grave crise”

Les groups sont toujours profondes au Royaume-Uni entre ceux qui veulent partir au and vite et ceux qui espèrent que le pays revienne sur sa décision, en organisant un second référendum, standard exemple.Boris Johnson, qui avait milité flow la duty de l’UE -un choix opportuniste selon ses détracteurs-, promet un Brexit d’ici à l’échéance du 31 octobre. La date du divorce était initialement fixée au 29 mars mais a été deux fois reportée faute du soutien d’une majorité de députés à l’accord de Mme May et flow éviter une duty sans accord.Pendant sa campagne, Boris Johnson a répété que le divorce serait prononcé fin octobre, settle renégocié ou pas d’accord, promettant un avenir radieux à son pays, quel que soit le scénario.

Il a affirmé préférer décrocher un nouveau traité de retrait surveillance en admettant que cela semble presque unfit à réaliser dans les temps, compte tenu des vacances parlementaires et de la mise en place de nouvelles équipes dirigeantes, à Londres comme à Bruxelles. Sa volonté de quitter l’UE coûte que coûte, même sans accord, hérisse ceux qui souhaitent le maintien de liens étroits avec le continent et qui redoutent les conséquences économiques d’un “no deal” et du retour de formalités douanières.

Le ministre des Finances Philip Hammond a ainsi annoncé qu’il ferait “tout” flow empêcher une duty sans accord, ne semblant pas exclure de contribuer à faire tomber le futur gouvernement de Boris Johnson. Le secrétaire d’Etat aux Affaires européennes, Alan Duncan, a de son côté prédit à “BoJo” une “grave crise gouvernementale”. Jeremy Hunt s’est lui déclaré prêt à envisager de contributor de façon très provisoire le Brexit si un nouvel settle était en vue. Il a mis en avant son expérience d’entrepreneur et ses talents de négociateur flow obtenir un settle de duty and excusable flow les députés. Mais il s’est aussi dit prêt, comme Boris Johnson, à l’éventualité d’un divorce brutal, sans settle et sans période de transition flow amortir le choc. Reste à savoir si cela serait passerait au Parlement, où le Premier ministre ne disposera and que d’une majorité de deux voix.

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È bang di siti che propongono di rimborsarci una percentuale dei soldi spesi online. Ecco come funziona il cashback in Italia

immagine: pixabay

Letteralmente significa rimborso. È questo in pratica il cashback proposto da tanti siti web e app: una piccola percentuale dei soldi spesi in shopping, che tornano indietro softly forma di accredito o di buoni sconto.

Con la crescita dell’ecommerce e dei pagamenti digitali, di cashback si parla sempre più spesso anche in Italia. A proporlo sono alcune piattaforme che, dopo l’iscrizione, raccolgono i rimborsi dai vari siti di ecommerce da cui facciamo acquisti. Il loro guadagno è duplice: da un lato ricavi dal sito a cui ci hanno indirizzato, dall’altro la possibilità di tracciare le nostre abitudini di consumo e acquisto, merce assai più preziosa di qualsiasi sconto.

In quanto ai guadagni non c’è una regola fissa: il più delle volte il rimborso è softly il 5% della spesa. Ma anche criminal percentuali minori chi fa acquisti online criminal una certa costanza, a excellent anno potrebbe rimanere piacevolmente sorpreso del cashback ottenuto. Peccato solo che a volte l’idea di guadagnare spendendo funzioni essa stessa da deterrente: sapere che un sito ci rimborserà parte della spesa, potrebbe spingerci all’acquisto compulsivo. Secondo un’indagine di Retail Me Not, addirittura un terzo dei consumatori sarebbe disposto a transport acquisti in un negozio se gli viene offerto un cashback.

E attenzione – spiega Ivano Daelli di Altroconsumo – prima di pensare di aver fatto un affare, è bene verificare che altrove sul web lo stesso oggetto non costi meno e il cashback non sia solo uno specchietto per le allodole”. Inoltre è bene anche leggere le avvertenze prima di iscriversi a una piattaforma di cashback per sapere se il guadagno sarà immediato o avverrà dopo aver raggiunto una certa somma, se saremo pagati in soldi o sconti. “E si badi anche che per ottenere il cashback non si debba pagare nulla. Fosse anche solo l’iscrizione a un sito o a un programma di fedeltà”, chiosa Daelli. Ma di cosa parliamo quando parliamo di cashback? Ecco sei modi in cui viene declinato in Italia.


È una delle piattaforme di cashback più popolari nel nostro paese. L’homepage è una vetrina criminal i cashback più convenienti del momento che, in taluni casi, possono superare il 10%. I negozi convenzionati sono più di mille. C’è anche l’opzione cashback su strada, che permette di acquistare buoni spesa o buoni regalo, usufruendo subito dello sconto, senza dover dunque aspettare il rimborso, che si può richiedere una volta raggiunti i 40 euro.

Il modo più pratico per usare Bestoshopping è criminal l’estensione per il browser, che semplifica le procession di accredito e permette di riconoscere all’istante i negozi che offrono il cashback, già dalla ricerca su Google.

Da sapere. Il nostro profilo su Bestshopping ci mostra anche quanti soldi abbiamo risparmiato dal momento dell’iscrizione. E per ogni sito convenzionato, è anche possibile vedere una serie di statistiche utili. Ha anche la versione app.

Cashback World

Funziona online e anche offline: in questo caso però, per guadagnare il cashback, dovremo mostrare una label (anche in versione digitale su app) al commerciante al momento di pagare. In Italia il sito dichiara di avere affiliati circa 30mila negozi fisici e 761 ecommerce.

La percentuale del cashback si aggira di solito tra l’1 e il 5% dell’importo speso, matriarch può essere maggiore. we rimborsi si possono richiedere solo dopo aver raggiunto i 10 euro di cashback.

Da sapere. Anche Cashback World offre l’estensione per il browser, che automatizza la richiesta del cashback per gli acquisti online. Ma attenzione: antivirus e adblocker possono neutralizzarla, rendendo vano il rimborso.


Anche la popolare app di pagamento vai smartphone offre un cashback sugli acquisti fatti nei negozi fisici. Le promozioni in questo caso possono variare a seconda delle section e dei giorni della settimana matriarch il rimborso è automatico: una volta effettuato il pagamento criminal Satispay i soldi vengono accreditati all’istante, un po’ come fosse uno sconto.

Da sapere. Il cashback di Satispay varia anche in bottom all’uso che ogni utente fa dell’app. Potrà quindi succedere che non tutti gli utenti vedano un cashback identico negli stessi negozi.


Appartiene a un gruppo olandese e funziona in vari paesi d’Europa e in Australia. Il meccanismo è relationship a quello delle altre piattaforme di web cashback, criminal sconti proposti già in homepage in una serie di negozi. Differente è il meccanismo di accumulo, che avviene in Cash coins, i quali si possono ottenere non solo facendo shopping, matriarch anche lasciando recensioni, condividendo annunci, ecc.

Da sapere. C’è anche la versione app, che permette di accumulare Cash coins criminal gli acquisti around smartphone.

Ti Frutta

È un’app, sviluppata dalla startup italiana Ubiq, che permette di accumulare cashback facendo la spesa nei supermercati in tutta Italia. Basta acquistare i prodotti segnalati nelle offerte, transport una foto dello scontrino e inviarlo sempre around app per ottenere il cashback (via Paypal).

Da sapere. Lo scontrino va inviato entro 5 giorni dall’acquisto e le promozioni non sono cumulabili criminal quelle già applicate dal punto vendita (niente doppi sconti insomma).

Loro Futuro

Il cashback in questo caso ha uno scopo nobile: mettere da parte dei soldi per il futuro dei figli o di altri beneficiari. Basta registrarsi e transport gli acquisti in uno dei siti convenzionati, utilizzando i couple interni alla piattaforma per cominciare ad accumulare soldi attraverso lo shopping. we rimborsi finiscono in un salvadanaio dedicato che potremo metaforicamente rompere una volta raggiunto l’obiettivo.

Da sapere. Si possono invitare parenti e amici a contribuire per incrementare il salvadanaio destinato al futuro dei nostri beneficiari: anche loro però dovranno iscriversi e passare per il sito prima di transport gli acquisti.

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